As mentioned above, CBD offers a wide range of potential medical and therapeutic health benefits.

For college students, CBD is especially beneficial. The following are a series of problems that CBD can help solve:

Social anxiety

Let’s face it, not everyone has BeyoncĂ©’s social presence.

Many of us suffer from social anxiety, whether it is talking in class or approaching a possible crush.

This severe fear is difficult to get rid of, and may even get worse over time.

CBD has relaxing properties and may provide a calm and peaceful state of mind when taken.

Test anxiety

It is common to feel nervous before a large exam, especially if you did not perform well in the final exam.

Even after you devote hours of study, when it is finally time to take the exam, you may suddenly be at a loss.

We naturally put pressure on ourselves to succeed, which will adversely affect our memory and cause us to “blank”.

CBD may help relieve tension and anxiety before the exam and promote a clearer state of mind2.

Sleep problems

It is very unlikely that you will never have a continuous sleep schedule throughout the university.

Between classroom, work, study and extracurricular activities, sleep has almost become secondary.

Adequate sleep not only helps our body repair itself, but also allows our body to refocus on the next day’s work.

Sleep is one of the main functions controlled by ECS. Taking CBD before going to bed can promote positive and Healthy sleep cycle.

Body pain

Whether you are a student athlete, a school fighter, or trying to get rid of the “freshman 15”, staying active is the key to maintaining physical and mental health.

During the physical manhood of your life, you may be injured with muscle or joint pain.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may be great for pain relief.

Overall mental health

Factors such as parental expectations, heavy workload and imminent future thoughts do hinder students’ mental health.

Students feel anxious about these factors that can lead to stress, panic attacks and even depression.

The calming properties of CBD can help students slow down their spiral thinking process and help re-adjust their thinking.

Is CBD legal and allowed to be used on my university campus?


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