Inflation in the shadow of debt

[ad_1] (Note: This article uses the mathjax equation. If you see garbled Latex code, come Original source.) The impact of monetary policy on inflation mainly depends on fiscal policy. In the standard New Keynesian model used by the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and similar institutions, if the central bank is to raise interest […]

Grumpy Economist: Sowell in the Great Campaign

[ad_1] A reporter sent me this gem from Tom Sowell: This was written in 1995. So no, he is not talking about any great cause that overwhelms us today. He is writing about the reasons for returning to eugenics in the 20th century. But it seems to be both foresight and eternal. source Vision of […]

Morning reading on Friday, September 10th

[ad_1] What are we reading go through James Romoser September 10, 2021 9:52 AM Every working day, we select a short list of news articles, comments, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court.To recommend a work for us to consider, please email us [email protected]. This is the reading on Friday morning: Recommended citation: […]

As the pandemic hits the supply chain, Toyota cuts its annual production target

[ad_1] Toyota Motor Corporation Update Sign up for myFT Daily Digest and be the first to learn about Toyota Motor Corporation news. Due to the return of Covid-19 cases in Asia and the deepening of the semiconductor crisis, Toyota lowered its production forecast for this year. The world’s largest automaker warned that as chip shortages […]

Rising black unemployment rate hinders U.S. progress in labor market parity

[ad_1] U.S. Employment Update Sign up for myFT Daily Digest and be the first to learn about employment news in the United States. Despite abundant evidence, black workers are still struggling to find work in the United States Opening, Although the number of unemployed has declined among other population groups, the number of unemployed has […]

As consumers control spending, the UK’s economic recovery slows

[ad_1] UK GDP update Sign up for myFT Daily Digest and become the first person to learn about UK GDP news. Due to reduced consumer spending in stores and shortages of raw materials hitting the construction industry, the British economic rebound slowed to slow in July. The National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday that […]