P2P crypto market LocalCryptos adds support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) »CryptoNinjas

P2P crypto market LocalCryptos adds support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) »CryptoNinjas


LocalCryptos, one Peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency market, Today announced the addition of support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions.This is now fifth Support cryptocurrency Through LocalCryptos.

Bitcoin Cash is a branch of BTC, which means that it has a similar “Bitcoin Script” smart contract function. Unlike LocalCryptos non-custodial escrow scripts for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash, LocalCryptos utilizes the “OP_CHECKDATASIG” opcode that is only available in Bitcoin Cash transactions.

Like all hosting on LocalCryptos, it is technically impossible to use BCH for hosting on this platform. LocalCryptos will only intervene when payment disputes occur. Once involved, LocalCryptos can only allow BCH to be redeemed by buyers or sellers.

“Almost a year has passed since we added a new cryptocurrency to LocalCryptos, and many of you have been asking for Bitcoin Cash as the next flavor of our non-custodial formula. The long wait is finally over.”
– LocalCryptos team

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