FirstFT: The UK proposes to cancel the EU’s manual review of artificial intelligence decision-making

FirstFT: The UK proposes to cancel the EU’s manual review of artificial intelligence decision-making



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Good morning.The British government will put itself Collision process Together with today’s data privacy activists and the European Union, it suggested at the time that the right to manual review of certain decisions made by computer algorithms could be revoked in the UK.

This idea is part of an extensive plan to reform the UK data system after Brexit. Ministers said it will promote innovation and realize what the Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden called the “data dividend of the UK economy”. “.

This move means rewriting or deleting Article 22 of the EU Data Protection Regulations, which the UK absorbed into its regulations during Brexit, but is now seeking to streamline it as part of post-Brexit economic reforms.

There are five more stories in the news

1. As the European economy improves, the European Central Bank will slow down its bond purchases Christina Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, said “This lady is not getting thinner”Reassured bond investors, even though the European Central Bank said it would reduce bond purchases to show confidence in the euro zone’s economic recovery.

2. Investors snapped up nuclear fuel uranium prices soared Nuclear power companies are facing competition Uranium supply From financial investors, they are betting that the price and demand for radioactive materials used in reactor fuel will rise sharply.

3. Biden and Xi Jinping held a second call to re-establish the relationship Joe Biden held His second call Since Chinese leader Xi Jinping took office as US president, little progress has been made in the two rounds of high-level meetings, aimed at breaking the deadlock in relations between the two countries. The White House stated that the two leaders had “extensive strategic discussions.”

4. The U.S. sues Texas over abortion ban U.S. Department of Justice Texas has been sued Oppose a new law that strictly restricts abortion, thinking it is “blatant contempt of the Constitution.” This move is a test of the federal government’s legal power to challenge the law and prevent other states from taking similar measures.

  • Democrats try to press Republicans on abortion The Democratic candidate for the governor of Virginia has tried Advance abortion He was at the center of the election campaign in less than two months before Election Day.

5. The first passenger flight leaves Kabul after the U.S. withdraws An international Passenger flightsSince the United States completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan 10 days ago, American citizens, including American and British nationals, have flown out of Kabul Airport for the first time.

Coronavirus Digest

  • this I Remove Japan From its safe travel list. It also dropped Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, and Serbia.

  • American Airlines Cut revenue forecast Because the Delta variant will slow down the booking speed.

  • China Said it would sell its oil National Petroleum Reserve This is the first time Beijing has stepped up its efforts to curb inflationary pressures brought about by the commodity market.

  • this British government Said it will start Cancel bankruptcy protection For debtors, companies are allowed to recover the unpaid bills of the bankrupt company through the courts.

The picture shows a road passing by a large white oil tank in Shanghai Yangshan Port
China has stated that it will sell oil from its national reserves for the first time © Aly Song/Reuters

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The days to come

EU Council of Ministers Finance ministers from 19 member states that use the euro will meet in Slovenia today. The EU’s 27 finance ministers will also hold an informal meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee in the country today and tomorrow.

UK, France and Germany release data France releases monthly industrial production data, and Germany releases consumer price index. The UK National Bureau of Statistics today released its GDP, trade and production index data.

9/11 20th Anniversary Saturday is the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack in the United States where nearly 3,000 people died.Since then, Larry Silverstein, who owns the twin towers, has become Transformation of downtown New York, Wrote Joshua Chaffin of the British “Financial Times”.

The last night of the prom BBC Prom 2021 End tomorrow. After the last blowout on Saturday night, the flags, horns and cello will be packed and taken away. (BBC)

Cristiano Ronaldo prepares to play for Manchester United This football player will Playing for his old club This is the first Saturday in 12 years. The Portuguese striker’s transfer was made after Manchester United heroes (including former head coach Sir Alex Ferguson) made an emotional appeal for his refusal to move to local rival Manchester City.

The photo shows the Royal Albert Hall in London, the venue of the BBC Promenade Music Festival

The Royal Albert Hall will host the last night’s promenade on Saturday © Getty Images

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The picture shows the South Korean boy group BTS performance

The influence of pop stars such as the South Korean boy group BTS on Chinese youth has attracted attention in Beijing © Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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The country of Champagne may be known for its fine restaurants and luxurious hotels in the north, but Andrew Ames writes, Quiet village in the south Well worth the Tractor Odyssey, maybe 16 euros for a bottle or two.

The picture shows workers harvesting vineyards in the Champagne region of France

The quieter southern villages of the Champagne region are well worth a visit © Charles Platiau/Reuters

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