FirstFT: The US Treasury Department faces the risk of running out of cash

FirstFT: The US Treasury Department faces the risk of running out of cash



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Janet Yellen warns the U.S. Treasury Risk of running out of cash Unless Congress raises the borrowing limit, Joe Biden’s administration is increasingly worried about the possibility of a debt default.

The Treasury Secretary stated in a letter to congressional leaders yesterday that she could not provide a “specific estimate” of when the cash will be exhausted, but the “most likely outcome” is that its treasury will be “depleted” in October.

Yellen added: “The delay in putting the federal government’s ability to meet all of its obligations into question may cause irreparable damage to the U.S. economy and global financial markets.”

The rising risk of the US sovereign debt crisis as early as next month complicates Biden’s efforts to pass his trillion-dollar economic agenda through Congress in the coming weeks.

Raising the U.S. debt ceiling was once a routine matter of Congress, allowing the Treasury Department to pay expenditure bills approved by lawmakers. But Republican lawmakers recently refused to make this request when the White House was under the control of the Democrats. The conditions usually required led to a deadlock on Capitol Hill and sometimes even pushed the United States to the brink of default.

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