Spanish cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me completes the first phase of B2M ICO to raise 5 million euros

Spanish cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me today announced the successful closure of its first phase Public ICO (Initial Coin Offering) It only took 59 seconds to reach the fundraising figure of 5 million euros. In early August, the Spanish cryptocurrency platform has raised 2.5 million euros in a private round of financing.A generation

Currently, Bit2Me has realized a total of 7.5 million euros in investment through its B2M tokens. After the success of the first phase of the ICO, Bit2Me will enter the second phase, starting on September 13. The third and final phase will begin on September 21.

Bit2Me issued a total of 500 million tokens on September 6. 500 million in the second phase and 250 million in the third phase. Bit2Me will issue a total of 1.25 billion tokens.

Before the first phase, there was so much interest in ICOs that the company opened operations in 13 other countries to meet demand.

Therefore, citizens of Uruguay, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominica, Martinique and Guyana have the opportunity to invest in B2M.

One of the advantages that B2M token holders will have is that they will be able to benefit from a commission discount of up to 90%, get better conditions in different related services, and govern certain future decisions of the company.

“It is very important for us to show Spain that we can also digitally transform the world in the purest Silicon Valley style. We are at the forefront of a technology that is revolutionizing the entire planet. We have shown why we Is one of the driving forces behind this disruptive proposal.”
– Leif Ferreira CEO and Co-founder of Bit2Me

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