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OP Crypto Capital Management, a new crypto venture capital company, has officially announced its establishment. The venture capital firm is backed by Huobi Ventures, Galaxy Digital’s Vision Hill FoF platform, Digital Currency Group, Mirana Ventures (Bybit) and The Brooker Group.

The company will focus on bridging the gap between CeFi, DeFi and Metaverse, by investing in projects aimed at shaping the future of corporate governance, and transferring power from centralized entities in the Web 2.0 world to content in the upcoming Web 3.0 world Creator/User.

Ultimately, OP Crypto aims to help founders build projects with global influence in the early stages. The letter “OP” is the beginning of many different adjectives. These adjectives describe the company’s culture and operating methods, namely openness, operations and opportunities.

Former Huobi executive founded

“As a person who has spent half my life in the United States and China, I am in a unique position to become an Asian company seeking to reach an American audience and hope to gain access to the Asian market.”
– David Gan, founder of OP Crypto Capital Management Ltd.

David’s experience in leading the overseas investment department of Huobi Lab and Huobi and accelerating the entry of top blockchain projects into the Asian market (including Polkadot and Algorand in early 2019) puts the company in the best position to help early-stage portfolio companies. These companies often find it difficult to carry out global marketing efforts, expand the size of their communities, and attract developers in the Asian market.

Team members have brought experience and deep relationships with multiple exchanges including Huobi, Binance, OKex, Republic and Coinlist. OP Crypto seeks to support innovative founders who want to establish a game-changing business model and contribute to These founders provide the necessary tools and expertise to take their products and vision to a new level.

“As the first listed company in Asia to invest in DeFi and dApps, we have observed that more and more Asian DeFi projects in the region are about to change the financial services landscape. The Brooke Group expects that with new venture capital funds, there will be more in the Asia-Pacific region. Disruptive projects are booming.”
– Varit Bulakul, Head of Digital Assets Department of Bruker Group

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