FirstFT: Germany protests against the wave of cyber attacks to Russia

FirstFT: Germany protests against the wave of cyber attacks to Russia


German update

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Germany blames Russia for launch A series of cyber attacks Politicians suspect that Moscow is interfering in this month’s elections to decide who will succeed Angela Merkel as prime minister.

The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it believes Russia is responsible for illegally targeting politicians in some countries and regions through “phishing” emails to obtain personal details.

These “unacceptable behaviors” pose a risk to “Germany’s security and its democratic decision-making process, and [placed] Andrea Sasse, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that this places a heavy burden on bilateral relations with Russia.

Sass said the protest in Berlin was passed directly to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov last week. Berlin is increasingly worried that Russia may try to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election again.

The warning was issued before what appears to be the most public election in Germany’s recent history, and opinion polls have shown uncertain results, which could bring months of uncertainty to the most powerful country in Europe.It will kick off Merkel reigned for 16 years As prime minister.

There are five more stories in the news

1. The Taliban claimed to have occupied Afghanistan’s last resistance area Taliban have Declare victory After the resistance fighters in the Panjshir Valley claimed that the attack caused heavy casualties to their leaders, the last opposition stronghold in Afghanistan was over.At the same time, Qatar Appear as a bridge Between the Taliban and the West. Read the rest of our Afghanistan report here.

2. Goldman Sachs plans a $5 billion Petershill Partners IPO Goldman Sachs is planning to list Petershill Partners in London. The transaction will evaluate the Wall Street bank’s stake in an alternative asset management company. More than 5 billion U.S. dollars.

3. Chinese stocks are struggling, Indian stocks are rising The rise in the Indian stock market puts the country’s market on track Its strongest performance Since 2017, it has surpassed China. Since April this year, India’s BSE Sensex index has risen for a quarter, because after the rampant Covid-19 epidemic this year, foreign purchases have rebounded as signs of economic recovery appear.

4. Chinese government fund invests in Didi’s competitors Cao Cao Travel announced yesterday, Raised $588 million Expedited expansion by a batch of state-owned funds. At the same time, Didi Chuxing, the largest online ride-hailing app in China, Still banned From registering a new user until the regulator completes its data security investigation.

5. “Shangqi” broke the record in American cinemas Marvel’s first Asian protagonist superhero movie, Shangqi and Legend of Ten Rings, $90 million was generated In the US weekend ticket sales, making it the most successful Labor Day issue ever. The popularity of this film is a milestone for Asian Americans on the big screen.

Coronavirus Digest

  • ChinaSinopharm Group seeks to develop its own mRNA Covid vaccine, Becoming one of the first large pharmaceutical groups in China to pursue technology to fight diseases.

  • Italy Will start to manage Booster The country’s health minister said that this month the most vulnerable part of its population had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

  • Over 50 years old Frustrated According to a new study from the University of Surrey, it almost doubled during the pandemic.

  • Covid cases are decline Span most Europe,according to FT’s Covid-19 trackerThe number of cases across the EU has begun to stabilize, with 11.7 cases per 100,000 people.

The pandemic has widened the gap between rich and poor, but we can rebuild a more sustainable world through cooperation, Ian Golding wrote. follow Our live report with Sign up For us Coronavirus business update Regularly report how the pandemic affects the economy.

the day before

EU data Eurostat will release quarterly GDP data today.Read the complete list of economic data here.

Bitcoin After 20 years of adopting the U.S. dollar as its national currency, El Salvador will become the first country in the world to make Bitcoin a legal tender. This move excited foreign cryptocurrency advocates, but on the streets of the capital, Few people say they are ready Use digital currency.

© Marvin Recinos/AFP via Getty Im

© Marvin Recinos/AFP via Getty Im

What are we still reading

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Ernst & Young is under review The documents seen by the British Financial Times questioned the work of the Big Four companies, which conducted clean audits of the corporate group Zeromax in 2005, 2006 and 2007.Ernst & Young Failed to sound the alarm In the years before the second largest bankruptcy in Swiss history, they bought more than millions of dollars in jewelry and approved huge payments to opaque offshore companies.

What is the cost of extreme weather? Over the past 50 years, extreme weather has caused losses of up to To 36 billion U.S. dollars and 2 million deaths,according to World Meteorological OrganizationAs extreme weather events become more frequent, economic losses have increased, but due to better evacuation plans, the high death toll has been partially reduced.

More frequent severe weather events have led to increased economic losses, but improved evacuation has reduced the number of deaths.The chart shows the top 10 disasters with reported economic losses and deaths since 1970

Trump’s allies want to help Bolsonaro A conservative political event in Brasilia over the weekend attracted hundreds of far-right supporters, including High-profile ally Former President of the United States. As this populist prepares for next year’s re-election campaign, they came to Brazil to support President Jair Bolsonaro.

The New Financial Knowledge and Inclusion Campaign in the Financial Times By understanding how money works in daily life, financial flexibility can be improved.In order to promote better financial knowledge and inclusiveness on a global scale, the British “Financial Times” is launching A new charity“We hope that together with our readers, we can have a lasting impact in areas that are consistent with our values ??and expertise,” Write FT editor Roula Khalaf.Learn about the initiative here.


Maria Shollenbarger travels through the Alps Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Arguably the most famous train in the world. Can its caviar and champagne welcome, white coat service, and breathtaking scenery sell old-school, shaded to decadent glamour in a world that is still questioning post-pandemic luxury concepts?

©Belmond/Matilla Aquila

©Belmond/Matilla Aquila

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