Beacon: Rigshospitalet

Beacon: Rigshospitalet


Located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, Hospital hospital When it started adding a 700,000 square foot wing, it was already one of the largest and most famous university hospitals in the country. One of the goals of the project is to create a daylight-driven design that provides an inspiring environment for employees and patients and an adaptable environment to support the future working conditions of clinical staff. Mette Dan-, Director of Healthcare Weibel said. Link architecture (Copenhagen), the designer of the project 3XN (Copenhagen).

The solution is to design the north wing as a series of V-shaped folding structures connected by a central corridor. Dan-Weibel said that the zigzag has several purposes: it maximizes the view of daylight and outdoor green space; it ensures the distance between functional and collaborative departments, such as surgery, rehabilitation, and intensive care unit (ICU), thereby improving the walking of employees Distance and working conditions; and realize separate on-stage and off-stage traffic flow.

Completed in January 2020, 209 new wards (including 196 private wards), 33 operating rooms, one neurology and neurosurgery ICU, 20 private ICU wards, 10 rehabilitation beds, and outpatient clinics will be added.

In terms of organization, the V-shaped structure creates five atriums, which serve as leisure spaces and direction markers for patients to facilitate wayfinding. Two spiral stairs and four central elevator towers connect the patient and outpatient floors to the central common area, while the waiting area is located near the two stairs on each floor. In order to further simplify the positioning, each floor is assigned a special color scheme applied to doors, floors and selected walls, while artworks are placed in strategic locations, including atriums, lobbies, and high-traffic areas.

As for the outlook for the future, the design introduces standardized rooms that can be easily used for different functions. For example, if necessary, the office space has the same construction structure as the operating room and can be transitioned to the operating room or ICU space. Overall, Dan-Weibel stated that putting the needs of patients and employees first helps the project team provide the best environment. “The well-being of the patients and the working environment of the clinical staff guided the design of the project,” he added.

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