FirstFT: The struggle to reshape Japanese politics

FirstFT: The struggle to reshape Japanese politics


Japan Liberal Democratic Party Update

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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga suddenly resigns Fight to replace him This will put the increasingly frustrated younger generation of politicians against the old guards fighting to maintain the status quo.

Analysts say that the outcome of the leadership competition may be A turning point in Japanese politics If the Covid-19 crisis and threats to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s long-term power control trigger a race that is not determined by traditional factional politics.

The Liberal Democratic Party will elect its next leader through the Electoral College on September 29. Its 383 members hold half of the votes and the rest will be composed of regional party officials. Whoever wins will lead the party to participate in a general election that must be held before November 30, and is expected to focus on the pandemic.

The 58-year-old Kono Taro and the 64-year-old Kishida Fumio are the main competitors of the two former foreign ministers. Continuous candidates.

  • View: Suga’s sudden withdrawal threatened the turbulent return of Japanese politics, Robin Harding wrote. Leo Lewis outlines Six challenges Suga Yoshihide will go to Japan’s next prime minister.

There are five more stories in the news

1. Global transactions are expected to break records Crazy summer deals promise to break records in 2021, Nearly 4 tons of transactions An agreement has been reached since the beginning of this year because the company is eager to take advantage of cheap financing and huge profits.

2. British private schools face restrictions on their connections with China British Independent School Face new pressure As the authorities tighten restrictions on foreign influence in the education system and seek to halve the number of children receiving private education, they will expand ties with China.

3. Taliban against resistance fighters Fighting continues in the isolated Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan The last stronghold of resistance The Taliban, because the Islamic organization maintained a military offensive to quell the last territory opposed to its rule.

4. The UAE relaxes residency regulations to attract foreign investment United Arab Emirates 50 economic initiatives launched It aims to make the country more competitive as it seeks to diversify its oil-dependent economy, including attracting US$150 billion in overseas investment over nine years.

5. Zuma will be released early due to medical parole Jacob Zuma is Early release After the former South African president was sentenced to two months in jail for contempt of court, he was found to be eligible for medical parole-a sentence that triggered the country’s worst violence since apartheid.

Coronavirus Digest

  • Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine can provide Longer protection Than Pfizer’s, new research shows.

  • “Zero Covid” strategy Asia Pacific Becomes more and more difficult to maintain, our The editorial board wrote.

  • A sort of A sharp slowdown exist US Employment growth Economists said that this ruled out the possibility that the Fed announced this month that it would begin to reduce its stimulus plan during the pandemic.

  • this U.K Move closer Provide Covid jabs to young teenagers On Friday, the government vaccine advisory body transferred the power of this decision to senior medical officials in the country.

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the day before

U.S. pandemic unemployment benefits end The pandemic unemployment assistance program is set to Due today After two extensions by Congress. Other unemployment benefits will also end, and nearly 10 million people are in short supply as Covid-19 cases rise again.

MH17 murder trial resumed The Hague Resume trial The four people charged with murder in the 2015 Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crash were absent. The plane crashed in Ukraine and killed 298 people. Investigators called on the Russians to provide information about the crash. (Associated Press)

Airline passenger flow Norwegian completed Financial restructuring In May, easyJet released monthly traffic data separately today.EasyJet appointed Manchester City veteran last month Stephen Hester Served as chairman because it tried to escape the cruel period of the aviation industry.

Other content we are reading and listening

Developing countries provide fertile soil for cryptocurrency Although European and American regulators have issued severe warnings about the dangers of cryptocurrencies, in developing countries, there are signs that digital currencies are quietly Build deeper roots. This is how Bitcoin is mined Use more electricity Than some countries. (“Financial Times”, “New York Times”)

Asia accounts for half of all cryptocurrency users. The chart shows the number of global crypto users (m).160 million users in Asia

It’s not just the CEO that should benefit from equity Can incentives be redesigned to produce results that satisfy shareholders and other stakeholders? In the long run, do the right thing for employees, customers and the environment to create value for shareholders, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson wrote.

UK “Financial Times” Weekend Podcast: The Good Life of Top Chefs In the first episode of the FT Weekend podcast, host Lilah Raptopoulos talked with 11 Madison Park’s Daniel Humm and Chez Panisse legend Alice Waters to understand how the world’s top chefs are looking for goals outside of restaurants. Listen here. Behind the scenes of Lila:

“The pandemic reminds us that awards and prestige are not a measure of excellence. They encourage chefs to take greater risks and think about how to do things in bolder and more creative ways.”

Mohsin Hamid on Afghanistan-and the reasons for opposing war With the end of the most recent disastrous foreign intervention, the Lahore-based novelist warn The fulcrum of the new conflict. “The end of the war should not be the time when we adjust our attention to the next war. The end of the war should be the time when we focus on peace,” Hamid wrote.

How not to waste life Most time management methods, let alone most so-called time-saving techniques, will make things worse. They plunge us into a futile struggle to deny the truth of our finiteness and avoid discomfort by looking directly at our finiteness. So how should we spend the time we have, Ask Oliver Berkman.

Oliver Berkman:

Oliver Burkeman: “A truly practical way to make the most of time requires us to stop denying the undeniable” © Lucas Varela

Work and career

Recruitment is widely outsourced to companies that search for potential employees on the website. A series of digital tools using speech recognition and body language software are used to predict good recruits. But we don’t know if these strategies are effective, Pilita Clark wrote, So desperately using algorithms to hire someone.

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