Cannabis in Taiwan: Zoe Lee’s Podcast

Cannabis in Taiwan: Zoe Lee’s Podcast


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At Harris Bricken, we pay close attention to what is happening around the world, and we know our friends and customers do the same.We are happy to provide this podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international lawyers Fred Rocafort with Jonathan Bank, We see the world by talking to business leaders, innovators, service providers, manufacturers, and government leaders around the world.

In episode 71, a Taiwanese cannabis lawyer joined us Zoe Lee, of Better call Zoe Fame.

We discuss:

  • Zoe’s path to becoming Taiwan’s most famous cannabis lawyer, and what her case file looks like.
  • The legal status of hemp and CBD in Taiwan.
  • Inspiration for Zoe’s podcast In the Weeds.
  • Taiwan’s legalization efforts and Zoe’s prediction of when the legalization will come.
  • The inconsistency between Taiwan’s progressive spirit and the country’s restrictive cannabis laws.
  • Zoe’s political involvement with Taiwan’s Green Party, and mainstream Taiwanese parties’ views on marijuana.
  • Listen and watch suggestions from:

When we sit down, we will see you next week Kelly Sullivan, The chief track and field coach of Seattle University.

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