Wetherspoons’ latest team copes with beer shortage

Wetherspoons’ latest team copes with beer shortage



JD Wetherspoon PLC update

Due to the lack of truck drivers and the strike action, some beer brands of JD Wetherspoon are in short supply. This is the latest incident that has hit the UK food and beverage supply chain.

After posting a warning on the shortage of bar windows on social media, the chain confirmed that “Carling and Coors have encountered some supply issues, which means that some bars have no products available”. It apologized to the customer.

Wetherspoon said the problem stems from an industrial action to supply drivers of another brand. “Due to the shortage of Heineken’s delivery, some other products were used up in some places,” it said. “We understand that the industrial action we are referring to has now been cancelled, and we hope this means that the supply problem will be resolved as soon as possible.”

Approximately 1,000 so-called tow truckers who are members of the Unite union voted for strike action and a ban on overtime in August, but have since accepted the revised salary offer. The 24-hour strike originally scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled.

Wetherspoon added: “We believe that as of today, most bars are now fully stocked, but some bars may lack some brands and wait for delivery in the next few days.”

The chain did not mention the general shortage of truck drivers who are troubled by the supply chain, but Molson Coors, who brews Carling and Coors in the UK, said, “There are intermittent pressures in our supply network. Unfortunately, these pressures affect many Wetherspoon pubs.”

“We are working with our customers and third-party logistics partners around the clock to ensure that we minimize any impact on our customers,” the American company added.

These issues are the latest issues affecting the supply of food and beverages in the UK. short The backlog of heavy truck driving tests, changes in UK tax rules, and the return of many EU drivers to their home countries during the pandemic resulted in as many as 100,000 truck drivers.

Another beer maker, Greene King, also reported that it is difficult to provide beer to the bar because of its bulk and heavy transportation.

Last month restaurant operators Nando’s and McDonald’s reported supply problems Fresh chicken with milkshake, And retailers have been working hard to maintain sufficient inventory in stores with less freight capacity than usual.

Many in the food, retail, and hospitality industries advocate a temporary relaxation of immigration regulations and allow European drivers to return to the UK, thereby allowing more time to recruit and train British drivers. The government has repeatedly ruled out this possibility.

Lord Simon Wolfson, chief executive of the clothing chain Next, earlier described Whitehall’s position as “crazy.”

“We need to review the policies we have to make to ensure that people who want to come to the UK and have the skills we need can come here,” said Wolfson, a Conservative Party colleague, who worked with Wetherspoon founder and executive chairman Tim Martin One of the few well-known business figures fighting for Brexit.

“Even though everyone knows that we urgently need drivers, the Ministry of the Interior is still preventing people from coming to this country as drivers,” he told LBC radio yesterday.

“I personally think this is not a Brexit problem, but a problem with the way our immigration system works.”


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