Everything we know about the fake Banksy NFT sold for 100 ETH

Everything we know about the fake Banksy NFT sold for 100 ETH



Everything about the fake Banksy NFT story is pieced together like a puzzle. And it’s very mysterious. And no one was injured. If you will, this is a good story with a twist. First, the person who bought the fake Banksy NFT was called Pranksy. That’s right, mischief. What are the odds? It just got stranger from there.

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You see, Pranksy is a notorious NFT collector. Twitter gave him a blue check mark. His prominence in the NFT community enhances this story. Is this person the target? Pranksy bought the work “The Great Redistribution of the Disaster of Climate Change”, and he knows the risks involved. Although there is a link to the auction page on Banksy’s official website.

Let’s quote Gizmondo and 411:

“Fake digital artwork appeared in Banksy’s Official website Tuesday morning under the now-deleted URL “banky.co.uk/nft.html. “The only thing on the page is a JPEG, probably Banksy’s view of the $1 billion CryptoPunk hype train, featuring the artist’s usual social commentary, this time about the terrible carbon footprint left by NFT artwork.”

To be fair, Banksy’s “Usual social commentary“Usually sharper than what this piece provides. The fake Banksy NFT, “The Great Redistribution of the Climate Change Disaster”, is basically CryptoPunks’ plagiarism of the wrong reasons. NFT collectors knew something was wrong from the beginning. ; “is this real?“It was the first reaction to a prank.

Who is behind the counterfeit Banksy NFT sales?

In the opensea NFT market, the page hosting the auction is named “gaakman”. Art newspaper provides information Regarding possible aliases.

“The gaakmann may be Banksy’s suggestion because this artist used the pseudonym “Bryan S. Gaakman” when participating in the RA summer exhibition in 2018, which seems a bit far-fetched.”

Since this is a known Banksy pseudonym and the link comes from the official website, Pranksy proceeded. NFT collectors bid 100 ETH, several orders of magnitude higher than the highest bid at the time. The proposal was accepted immediately. At that moment, the prank knew what went wrong. “The link has been removed from his website, so it may be a very well-designed scam, I guess this is the result, only time will tell!

Then someone from the BBC contacted Pranksy and told him that the fake Banksy NFT was indeed fake. “Hope I can get in touch with the team representing him, otherwise today will be an interesting entertainment for all of us,” Hoax Via Twitter. Banksy’s Pest Control Certification Team Tell BBC,”No Banksy NFT auction has any form or relationship with the artist.

ETH price chart for 09/01/2021 on Bitfinex | Source: ETH/USD on TradingView.com

The return of the scammed ETH

Is this prankster the target? This is the turn. This is where it gets weird.Let’s quote Decrypt with description:

“Then, in an equally strange incident, the liar Return 97.69 ETH to Pranksy A little over eight hours later. “do not know why [he returned the funds]”,” the prank told Decrypt. “I think I found him, he knows. “

Pranksy provided a more detailed description to the BBC “Track him” method

“The refund was completely unexpected. I think the hacker’s news reports and the fact that I discovered the hacker and followed him on Twitter may have prompted him to refund.

He said: “I feel very lucky when many people who are in similar situations and have a small impact will not have the same results.”

This is where the table turns, and the prank becomes the main suspect. “Art Daily” accused:

“The question, then, is who orchestrated the deal. Pranksy’s cover photo on Twitter is a pixelated red and white airplane, aesthetically no different from a crudely rendered NFT. When asked if he was involved in a prank , Pranksy denied any involvement. “There was no prank at all,” he told the Art Newspaper. Was he cheated? “I think so, but I was not forced to bid. This is a risk I took. No refunds on the blockchain! “

Pranks are professionals. He was aware of the risks from the first day.

Our theory about fake Banksy NFT

A mysterious stranger secretly wrote a prank and let him know about the once-in-a-lifetime auction.exist Decrypt the story, They have screenshots of DM. Are Banksy and his team targeting pranks? If Banksy wants to simultaneously create global headlines and comment on the NFT boom, then notorious art collectors are the missing ingredient. Pransky’s prominence in the NFT community combined with his name makes him an ideal target.

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Of course, we have no way to prove these. However, everything about the fake Banksy NFT story is pieced together like a puzzle.

Featured Image: Screenshot of the fake Banksy NFT | Charts by TradingView


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