Klever’s new cryptocurrency trading platform is ready to be officially launched on September 30

The crypto wallet platform Klever confirmed today that soon testing time The new cryptocurrency exchange has ended. On Thursday, September 30th, the three Klever Exchange products (Android, iOS and Web applications) will officially exit the Beta mode and will finally be released in official form.

Klever update

In order to adapt to the new exchanges in the Klever ecosystem, Klever has launched two new websites:

  • The home of Klever Exchange will be klever.io;
  • And klever.finance will become the new Klever Foundation home.

New features on horizen will also include:

  • Klever Trades, a tool for optimizing robot trading;
  • Support NFT through the new NFT market to list collections and exchange NFT;
  • And more content to be announced soon.

“Klever Exchange is suitable for anyone who wants to explore the crypto market, whether it is advanced or beginners, traders or small investors. By listening to our community, we will provide products and features for everyone. But be prepared, This requires a real team effort, involving not only Klever employees, but also the global KLV community, who shared their ideas and actively responded to their feedback during the product Beta phase.”
– Felipe Rieger, Klever Exchange Product Manager

KLV is the native token of Klever and will serve as a key trading pair for all tokens and tokens on the exchange.

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