FirstFT: Chinese media supports expanding regulatory crackdowns

FirstFT: Chinese media supports expanding regulatory crackdowns


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Bloggers, widely supported by Chinese state media, call for Beijing’s snowballing regulatory reforms Aim for high costs Housing, education and health care, while deepening reforms in the financial and cultural industries.

“This is a shift from capital-centered to people-centered,” the author said, adding that those who try to prevent deep reform efforts will be “abandoned.”

This commentary was originally published by a popular nationalist blogger and has been reposted by China’s largest state and party-controlled media, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and China Central Television, demonstrating the country’s broad support.

Investors and companies across China are publishing the report as they prepare for the next step of Beijing’s large-scale technological crackdown, which has hit the e-commerce, education, fintech, online car-hailing and gaming industries, and has triggered suspected abuse Allegations of data security, antitrust enforcement and regulatory laws. Labor and consumer rights.

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