Asian cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex secures US$41 million in Series B financing »CryptoNinjas

Asian cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex secures US$41 million in Series B financing »CryptoNinjas


Zipmex is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region with offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. It today announced that it has received more than US$41 million in Series B financing.

This marks a milestone for Zipmex, and many companies are already interested in this round. The Zipmex team welcomes new investors, including Krungsi Finnovate, the corporate venture capital arm of Ayutthaya Bank, who has joined as an investor.In addition, Plan B Media Public Company Limited and Master Ad Public Company Limited also made commitments in this round of Series B financing


  • In addition to its encrypted trading platform, Zipmex also focuses on expanding the way its users spend and earn rewards in their own way. Zipmex token (ZMT).
  • The exchange’s “earned” products include Zip up — Accounts with daily spending of up to 8% APY, and Zipper lock -Fixed-term income account, APY up to 14%, and provide bonuses for ZMT holders.
  • Reduce spending It is a payment solution for companies that want to accept cryptocurrency. It has contributed to a number of regional firsts in luxury cars, art and real estate transactions.
  • This month, Zipmex announced Zipmex card, The Visa payment card will be launched later this year.
  • On top of these core products, they will be launched soon, Zip Code World It will enable users to use Zipmex tokens (ZMT) to redeem exclusive lifestyle products and get unique experiences and rewards. finally, start up Users will be able to obtain investment tokens from the Zipmex exchange as soon as possible.

“We would like to thank the nearly 1 million registered users who have joined us so far. This funding will enable us to continue to build the Zipmex ecosystem and bring more value, experience and innovative products to our community.”
– Marcus Lim, CEO and co-founder of Zipmex

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