Photo Tour: Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Care Clinic

Photo Tour: Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Care Clinic


The Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Care Clinic in Tarzana, California brings oncology services to the center of the Los Angeles suburbs. The community-based location reduces the pressure for patients to commute to the Cedars-Sinai main campus in Beverly Hills and frequently trafficked areas for cancer treatment, thereby saving time and minimizing stress.

As a tenant improvement project, the shape of the existing floor slab and the client’s demand for an exciting, well-lit space posed design challenges.this ZGF The (Los Angeles) team provided a solution to prioritize the layout according to the type of space. This led to the placement of a large infusion room in the window-wrapped area, which promoted the layout of the rest of the space.

By placing the reception area and the main waiting area near the infusion room, separated only by frosted glass, sunlight enters the center, creating a sense of natural light in a large windowless area.

Customized infusion chambers modeled on first-class aircraft seats are grouped by radiation configuration. The soft light emitted by the accent lights in each compartment adds a sense of comfort and high-end hospitality, thus forming a layout that provides privacy without losing a sense of reunion—accommodating patients who like to be alone, while allowing those who wish to socialize The patient is seated nearby.


Project details:

Facility Name: Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Care Clinic

Location: Tarzana, California

Completion date: March 2020

Owner: Cedars-Sinai

Total floor area: 29,447 square feet

Total construction cost: Not applicable

Cost/m²: Not applicable

Construction company: N/A (tenant improvement interior project)

Interior design: ZGF

General Contractor: Pacific Nations Group

Engineering: Syska Hennessy Group Inc.







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