FirstFT: The last U.S. troops leave Afghanistan

FirstFT: The last U.S. troops leave Afghanistan


Afghanistan Update

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The U.S. commander in charge of the forces stationed in Afghanistan announced The U.S. finally withdraws Large-scale airlift started from Kabul Airport and officially ended its participation in the 20 Years’ War.

General Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of the US Central Command, announced the end of the evacuation at a Pentagon press conference on Monday afternoon, which coincided with the deadline set by President Joe Biden for a complete withdrawal in Kabul on Tuesday morning.

Mackenzie said at the Pentagon briefing: “I hereby announce that we have completed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan,” adding that the last military plane has left Kabul Airport and the US ambassador has boarded.

In the days leading up to the end of the operation, the United States significantly reduced its evacuation mission in Afghanistan, and the number of civilians airlifted out of Kabul on Monday dropped sharply.

In the context of the increasingly dangerous security situation in Kabul, the final push to complete the evacuation, the airport has become a successful suicide bombing and Unsuccessful rocket attack.

As the international community strives to keep Kabul Airport open, the Taliban’s Refusal to allow foreign security to exist A senior Qatar official said that these efforts are thwarting these efforts at the transportation hub.

There are five more stories in the news

1. U.S. Gulf Coast Oil Company Investigates Ada’s Loss Hurricane Ida hit the heart of the U.S. energy industry, but The reaction of the fuel market As the company began to determine the extent of the damage, it was muted yesterday.Louisiana still has more than 1 million customers no power, According to the power outage. US.

On Monday, electrical wires in Metairie, Louisiana, collapsed. The utility company Entergy stated that it may take several weeks for services to return to normal © AP

2. Porsche aims to build its first factory outside Europe in Asia Opening ceremony New factory in Malaysia This will be very different from the 90-year-old luxury brand that manufactures cars near its legendary residence in Stuttgart, Germany. Currently, due to high tariffs and taxes, Porsche enthusiasts in Malaysia pay almost double the cost of imported sports cars.

3. The nuclear regulator issues an alert on the North Korean reactor The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency warns of the emergence of North Korea Restarted The key reactor in its largest nuclear material complex. The regulator stated that the Yongbyon nuclear reactor has shown “signs of compliance with operation” for the first time since December 2018.

4. China Science and Technology Group is hit by restrictions on children’s online games Chinese children are only allowed to play video games One hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday The new restrictions will hit game providers such as NetEase and Tencent.

5. The head of the United States adopts Xi’s theory of wealth redistribution Wang Xing, the founder and CEO of Food Delivery Service, told investors, “Common Prosperity” is “Genetically Implanted” His company also vowed to overhaul the company’s practices in the context of increased supervision. President Xi Jinping used the same phrase in a speech earlier this month.

Coronavirus Digest

  • this I should Reinstate restrictions on U.S. travelers Ministers warned that due to the increase in coronavirus infection and hospitalization.

  • Singapore Fully vaccinated 80% of the population Opposing Covid-19 has paved the way for the economic reopening of this city-state.

  • Virgin Australia Revealed plans to become the country’s second airline Need to be vaccinated As the Covid-19 epidemic worsened, the number of all its employees decreased.

  • Carnival Company No action was taken last year to protect cruise passengers, despite the warning from the doctor on board “about“According to court documents, it broke out.

  • Summer cases rebound Has little effect exist Eurozone Data shows that consumers are driving a rebound.

Read our latest news Coronavirus Live Blog.

The line chart of the number of cases ('000, rolling 7-day sum) shows that Covid has soared again in the Eurozone this summer

the day before

Economic data In Asia, India publishes monthly GDP data, and Japan will publish monthly employment rate and industrial production data.There is still a lot of economic data from the euro zone this week Inflation figures Nowadays.

24th Anniversary of the Death of Diana, Princess of Wales This year’s anniversary Has a more important meaning Given that the damn report of the BBC’s 1995 panoramic interview with the late Princess of Wales is still relatively new, and Spencer, A highly sought after film about her marriage to Prince Charles, will be screened at the Venice Film Festival this week.

Elizabeth Holmes trial begins jury selection The founder and CEO of Theranos, a failed blood testing company, will stand trial this week after delays for several months. Jury selection begins today The trial is expected to last for several months. (CNN)

Correction: In yesterday’s version, we noticed that US President Joe Biden will receive the Ukrainian President Volodmir Zelensky on Monday.Meeting is Postponed to wednesday.

What are we still reading

George Soros: Chinese investors under Xi Jinping are facing a rude awakening President Xi Jinping has collided with economic reality. Protect U.S. investorsThe billionaire investor and philanthropist called on Congress to pass a bill requiring asset management companies to invest only in companies with transparent governance structures and consistent with stakeholders.

The four eager to join the ESG trend With trillions of dollars flowing into environmental, social and government funds, the Big Four accounting firms are developing investment strategies to take advantage of the wave of sustainable development.But some partners warn that these companies may Faced with strong opposition If they do not meet the standards they advocate.

The chart shows that the surge in sustainable fund sales has brought ESG issues into focus

With the end of the Merkel era, the CDU is in trouble According to a recent public opinion survey, not only did the support rate for the German Christian Democrats drop to 22%, but data released in the following days showed that the center-left Social Democrats had taken the lead.If the CDU’s luck does not improve, Angela Merkel’s party may move towards The worst election result In its history.

Saudi Arabia’s climate plan is difficult to take off When Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced Saudi Arabia’s “Green Initiative” He did so with a compelling oath that has become a feature of the young royal family’s grand plan to modernize the kingdom. But skeptics question whether his remarks will match actual actions.

Frictions between Wall Street and private equity clients “They are a mess,” exclaimed a managing director of mergers and acquisitions, referring to his Private equity clientsThe “financial sponsor” that the bankers called proved to be extremely demanding. A senior banker is often constrained by a 30-year-old permanent establishment vice president who requests tedious financial analysis or due diligence at all times in order to respond immediately.

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In 1968, Charles Hall invented the modern water bed. More than fifty years later, his nephew Todd Youngblood developed a new cooling system, which has nothing to do with Hall’s innovation.That is one of them Four new tools Help you sleep well all night.

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