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The applicationA provider of high-quality training data for organizations that build effective artificial intelligence systems on a large scale announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Quadrant, Blockchain-driven supplier Mobile location data, point of interest data, and compliance services.

Through this acquisition, Quadrant’s Geolancer products have gained access to more than 1 million users.

Quadrant utilizes blockchain technology in all of its services. Its latest product, Geolancer, is a location data platform that uses the global Geolancer community to collect and verify data in the physical world (such as POI and location metadata).

Leading mapping companies, delivery and courier services, ride-sharing applications, e-commerce sites, etc. are all seeking this data. Users-Geolancers-then receive EQUAD cryptocurrency rewards for their recorded data.

Geolancer has carried out a number of activities since May, and users have recorded more than 180,000 POI data points in seven countries in Southeast Asia.

Through this acquisition, Geolancer will be rolled out to Appen’s more than 1 million contractors in more than 170 countries/regions in phases over the next few months. These contractors are experienced in recording and annotating data.

Appen is a leader in the development of high-quality artificially annotated data sets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Headquartered in Sydney and publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, it has more than 1,000 employees in nine offices around the world. Its customers include leading technology companies.

“This acquisition means that Geolancer will become the authoritative POI platform in the data industry, and may become one of the most widely used blockchain projects in the world, with more than 1 million users. Attracting so many newcomers to join, for blockchain and encryption It is a huge opportunity for the currency industry to become a mainstream phenomenon.”
– Mike Davie, CEO of Quadrant

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