Pippa Malmgren’s Twitter space

Pippa Malmgren’s Twitter space


Cryptocurrency update

Pippa Malmgren Former member President of the United States Financial Market Working Group And the President’s Working Group on Corporate Governance. She is also a writer and entrepreneur.Her books include Signal, Analysis of economic trends, and Leadership Lab, On how good leadership skills can help us all. She has now turned her attention to the development of cryptocurrencies, including Defi and sovereign digital currencies.

She will join the FT Alphaville team at 4pm UK time this Friday to discuss major trends that we may not have discovered, especially regarding how Defi, the economic and geopolitical worlds may be integrated.

Join the chat click here. Or follow @izakaminska, @jemimajoanna or @senojerialc. As always, we desire the dialogue to be interactive, so please raise your virtual hand so that we can bring you in. (Although everyone’s background noise is pleasant now, please keep silent before being invited to speak.) One more reminder: Spaces can only work in listening mode when accessed from your desktop computer.

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