Lithium Finance appointed blockchain research company Blitz Labs as a data oracle provider »CryptoNinjas

Lithium Finance appointed blockchain research company Blitz Labs as a data oracle provider »CryptoNinjas



Lithium battery finance Collective smart pricing oracle In order to price private non-current assets in a timely manner, it has announced a partnership with Blitz Labs, a blockchain consulting company affiliated with Ellipti Ventures, a research fund that invests in early blockchain projects.

This partnership will open the door for Blitz Labs to use the wisdom of the crowd and receive first-hand data for research purposes and develop a data-based listing (GTM) strategy.

As a smart explorer, Blitz Labs will ask questions and gain insights from smart nodes, which are composed of a series of institutions and individuals specializing in blockchain technology and many other fields.

Blitz Labs and other smart explorers will accurately receive first-hand information from these smart nodes. With all this data from Lithium, smart explorers like Blitz Labs will further refine their research results.

“As a scholar, I am fully aware of the importance of having accurate and first-hand data in research and learning. With the help of the DMI mechanism, data and information can be passed to companies like Blitz Labs through the interaction between smart nodes and smart explorers. Such researchers.”
– David Lighton, co-founder of Lithium Finance

The Lithium-Blitz Labs partnership demonstrates the diversity of the Lithium data oracle ecosystem. In addition, the use of lithium is not limited to financial purposes, but can also be adapted to a wide range of potential environments, such as academics and research.

“Recently, the demand for diversified but unorganized data types in different industries is on the rise, especially in early markets like the blockchain market. In order to navigate this ever-changing market correctly, quickly and correctly from reliable sources Obtaining different types of data is very important.”
– John Kwak, CEO of Blitz Labs


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