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The high-performance blockchain network Solana announced today that Chainlink Price Feeds, the most widely used and time-tested decentralized price oracle machine in DeFi, is now running in real time on Solana Devnet with sub-second updates. The Chainlink team intends to release the mainnet integration before the end of Q4,

Now Solana developers can take advantage of Chainlink price information Used for highly decentralized, high-quality and quickly updated price reference data to build various hybrid smart contract applications.

Solana supports up to 65,000 transactions per second, and each transaction costs less than a penny. The addition of Chainlink price feeds enables DeFi application development to compete with CeFi transaction execution and risk management quality.

Chainlink Price Feeds protects tens of billions of dollars in the entire DeFi ecosystem, and uses a network of nodes that obtain data from many high-quality data sources and benchmark providers to generate market-representatives with strong coverage and multi-layer decentralized security Prices to ensure accuracy and uptime and tamper resistance, even during periods of extreme market volatility.

The development team can use Chainlink Price Feeds on Solana to save time and resources to enter the market because they do not need to build the back-end infrastructure from scratch.Instead, developers can focus on their core business and bring next-generation applications to users Solana Ecosystem.

It is important that Chainlink’s Solana deployment does not rely on external blockchains, allowing oracle updates at Solana’s native speed and cost, while ensuring the highest data quality and uptime and tamper resistance that developers expect from Chainlink.

Chainlink + Solana

“Developers will have the proven Oracle infrastructure required to build high-speed and tamper-proof DeFi applications. We are excited to be able to provide end-to-end decentralization, data accuracy, and extensively secure off-chain services through the oracles. The network supports the development of the Solana ecosystem.”
– Sergey Nazarov, Co-founder of Chainlink

Provide low-latency updates covering all relevant traditional and decentralized exchange markets. Each Chainlink price feed update represents a carefully aggregated price using source aggregation, suspicious volume detection, and a decentralized computing framework.

Therefore, Chainlink remains accurate and usable despite data manipulation attacks such as exchange shutdowns, flash crash outliers, and flash loans.

“The native integration of Chainlink into the Solana blockchain allows developers to directly access reliable off-chain data and calculations, thereby significantly increasing the speed at which they can build high-throughput DeFi applications.”
– Anatoly Yakovenko, Founder and CEO of Solana Labs

Look Chainlink developer documentation Start to build a Chainlinked smart contract on the blockchain Solana Development Network.

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