zkLink receives funding to bring cross-chain liquidity solutions to projects on Polygon »CryptoNinjas

zkLink receives funding to bring cross-chain liquidity solutions to projects on Polygon »CryptoNinjas



ZkLink, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) based on zero-knowledge technology, announced that it has received funding from Polygon, a framework for connecting blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum, bringing cross-chain mobility to users and dApps The builder on the platform of sexual solutions.

Although the ability to effectively initiate cross-chain transactions is a key component of a thriving blockchain ecosystem, maintaining liquidity is often an issue when exchanging assets between multiple blockchains.

However, in order to solve this problem, zkLink aggregates liquidity from different ecosystems so that native assets on different chains can be traded with each other without intermediate tokens.

Polygon is a well-structured and easy-to-use platform for Ethereum expansion and infrastructure development. There are more than 350 dApps using Polygon, and its ecosystem is both diverse and extensible. With the zkLink SDK, Polygon dApp builders will soon be able to support fast and secure transactions without sacrificing liquidity.

“As more and more projects and dApps enter the blockchain field, interoperability is critical, but maintaining security, liquidity, and overall user experience is also critical. In established blockchains like Polygon With the support of the agreement, we will be able to introduce our DEX to more projects and developers who need our fast, safe and efficient cross-chain solutions.”
– Vincent Young, co-founder of zkLink

As part of the grant, Polygon will provide marketing and promotional support for zkLink and connect DEX with potential investors and partners. In addition, zkLink will be able to reach a wider range of users in the Polygon ecosystem to expand its user base for future development.

“There have been many exciting developments in the blockchain field, but zkLink is achieving success by solving many problems that plague interoperability, such as transaction efficiency and liquidity loss. Chain is an important step in creating a fully interoperable future, and we look forward to witnessing how our users can take full advantage of integration.”
-Channabasava Korlahalli polygon

The grant through Polygon was made after a seed round of financing of 3 million US dollars, and zkLink is preparing to launch its mainnet, becoming the first DEX to support seamless cross-chain exchange across multiple chains (including Polygon) without the need Users deposit assets on the second layer.


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