The justice issues a summer order to add two new immigration cases to the case file

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On Monday morning, the Supreme Court added two new immigration cases to its 2021-22 semester file and approved two petitions submitted by the federal government.The relatively rare Midsummer increase is as part of the court List of regularly scheduled summer orders, Which also includes a series of routine orders (among other things) to divide the debate time and handle procedural motions in upcoming substantive cases.

The judge approved the review Johnson v Arteaga-Martinez with Garland v GonzalezBoth cases involve non-citizens who have been ordered to be deported but claim that they are entitled to “temporary detention” protection-a form of humanitarian relief in which non-citizens cannot be deported back to their home countries because they may be tortured or persecuted there . Non-citizens argue that after more than six months of immigration detention waiting for their withholding claims to be resolved, they have the right to hold a hearing before an immigration judge to determine whether they can be released on bail. Two federal appeals courts agreed with non-citizens.

The Supreme Court in 2018 Jennings v. Rodriguez Different provisions of the federal immigration law do not give non-citizens in long-term detention the right to regular hearings; the federal government now argues that the same is true for immigration laws in these cases.The judge also asked all parties to Gonzalez Briefly introduce the second question: whether lower courts have the power to order the government to provide individual hearings for a class of non-citizens in similar situations after six months of detention.

The judges are scheduled to issue another set of summer orders on Friday, September 10.

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The justice issues a summer order to add two new immigration cases to the case file,
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