FirstFT: Biden is squeezed before the deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan

FirstFT: Biden is squeezed before the deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan



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Joe Biden will come Under pressure Today’s Western allies hope that the U.S.-led withdrawal from Afghanistan will be extended beyond August 31, while facing the shameful prospect that the Taliban may veto any delay.

Possibility of postponement Retreat After the Islamic organization warned that any delay in the withdrawal of foreign troops would be a “violation.”

At the G7 emergency meeting, the President of the United States will hear calls from allies, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, to negotiate with the Taliban on this issue.

In the Panjshir Valley, the last pocket Revolt The Islamist takeover was under attack, threatening the hope of opposition fighters to establish a unity government.

Afghanistan is facing “Gender Emergency”, The UN Women’s Empowerment Agency warned that activists prevented women from leaving their homes to participate in public life.

More about Afghanistan:

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There are five more stories in the news

1. British manufacturer wins post-Brexit quality discount The government will give a huge sum of money concession The deadline for the adoption of the new UKCA safety and quality mark has been extended by one year to promote business development.

  • Brexit: Brussels’ plan to block Britain from joining the international legal cooperation agreement will complicate the situation divorce agreement And child support, the lawyer warned.

2. Investors injected US$4.3 billion in air taxis Funding for the emerging air traffic market has reached record In 2021, it came from venture capital and plans to merge with special purpose acquisition companies, because although most start-ups lack prototypes that can carry passengers, investors are looking for the “next Tesla.”

“Some of our companies have not yet dreamed of selling products and raised billions of dollars”-Peter Harrop, chairman of IDTechEx, a technology consulting company

3. The state of U.S. Treasuries deteriorated before Jackson Hole Bond liquidity has deterioration Due to drastic price changes and Fed policy uncertainty, investors were unable to make big bets before Jay Powell’s speech at the Jackson Hole Summit.

  • View: Powell should be bold and provide compelling policy announcements for economic well-being, Mohamed Erian wrote,

4. Circle simplifies U.S. dollar reserves The American payments group said it would adopt a conservative approach to manage its reserves. Stablecoin, Starting in September, it will consist entirely of cash and short-term US government debt as it seeks to list on the stock market.

  • More about encryption: International Bitcoin “miners” are Harvest The return of China’s effective ban on energy-intensive practices has filled the vacuum left by their previous competitors.

5. China warns officials about business links The Chinese Communist Party has warned thousands of officials in Hangzhou that Hangzhou is home to technology groups such as Jack Ma’s Alibaba. Dig deep Any “conflict of interest” between family and business.

Coronavirus Digest

  • Joe Biden urges US Employers require workers to be vaccinated after FDA Fully approved BioNTech/Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.this U.K Ordered 35m More doses of jabs will be injected in the second half of next year.

  • Data from Israel Shows the jab of the third dose of Pfizer Strengthen protection Infections and serious illnesses in people 60 years and older. The drugmaker agreed to acquire Trillium Therapeutics, an oncology biotechnology company trade The value is approximately US$2.3 billion.

  • Taiwanese First local The developed vaccine came out yesterday. India The world’s first approved DNA vaccine. (UK “Financial Times”, The Straits Times, BBC)

Cambridge’s “Silicon Fen” profited from “a safe place to do risky things”, but the UK needs to take action to protect it. Writes Master Brooke. Follow our live coronavirus Blog with Register here For us Coronavirus business update communication.

the day before

G7 talks on Afghanistan Boris Johnson will host Crisis negotiation Together with world leaders today, Britain urges the United States to extend the evacuation timetable beyond August 31. The UN Human Rights Council also held a special meeting on Afghanistan.

Opening of the Tokyo Paralympic Games The games will be held mainly No audience After the surge in Covid cases caused major cities in Japan to enter a state of emergency. (Yahoo!)

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What are we still reading

Will economic and political turmoil intensify a generation? The economic shutdown has a greater impact on work than on assets. People in their early 20s are Mobilize around the problem For example, racial justice and climate change, because many people feel marginalized by mainstream politics.

Histogram of unemployment rates in OECD countries shows that youth and women have been hit hard by the employment crisis

The broken labor market in the UK The empty supermarket shelves are obvious messages from the normally invisible labor force: truck drivers. They tell stories of how immigration, poorly regulated labor markets, and powerful retailers have made goods and services unsustainably cheap. Sarah O’Connor writes.

Most super apps are not super awesome The most valuable real estate in the world is not in Hong Kong or Monaco-it is in your pocket. The home screen of the smartphone has space for about 30 applications. No wonder technology companies are racing to become a one-stop shop”Super app“, Tim Bradshaw wrote. But this trend is annoying for users and bad for competition.

Tim Bradshaw:

Tim Bradshaw: “Smartphone penetration is reaching saturation, and it is estimated that the number of applications each of us has reached its peak” © Mitch Blunt

IMF president: how to make full use of special drawing rights Yesterday, IMF member states began to accept a special drawing rights allocation of 650 billion U.S. dollars, which is the largest in history. In 2009, US$250 billion in grants helped restore market confidence. In a pandemic, special drawing rights are more important, Kristalina Georgieva wrote.

How companies can stop the ESG rebound Companies are required to be responsible for their management of human and natural capital and financial capital, The impact of honesty Confidence needs to be built, Andrew Edgecliff-Johnson believes. register arrive Moral money, Our ESG newsletter, learn more.

© Matt Kenyon

Over the past few years, the momentum behind investments focused on the environment, society and governance seems unstoppable. Now, the backlash has begun © Matt Kenyon


exist Find Q, A new podcast extremist conspiracy theory, British journalist Nicky Woolf (Nicky Woolf) seeks out the architect of an online movement that has dangerously entered the mainstream.

Jake Angeli, one of the supporters of QAnon who raided the Capitol in January 2021

Jake Angeli, one of QAnon supporters who raided the Capitol in January 2021 © Olivier Touron/AFP/Getty Images

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