U.S. rapper Tyga will launch OnlyFans crypto competitor

U.S. rapper Tyga will launch OnlyFans crypto competitor



Someone recently suggested using cryptocurrency as a solution to the dilemma experienced by the popular adult content platform OnlyFans. The company announced last week that it plans to remove all adult content by October 1. It is speculated that this is because the payment processors Visa and MasterCard make the company’s payment more difficult due to the nature of their most important content. But clarified that this is actually because the company wants investors because the type of content they host on their website has been rejected.

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This caused a sensation in the community and the press.Encryption enthusiasts start Suggest Such things can be avoided by using payment services such as decentralized platforms and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the first to propose the type of encryption used for this.

The company has not yet responded to this and appears to be firmly determined to remove all pornographic content from the site. To this end, American rapper Tyga announced that he plans to release his own platform and will become a direct competitor of OnlyFans. The platform that the rapper plans to launch will be built on the Ethereum network.

Tyga only quits fans

Rapper Tyga opened an OnlyFans account about a year ago. Tyga has always been a staunch supporter of the platform and founded a model agency, Too primitive, Dedicated to helping content creators start using OnlyFans. After banning pornography, the rapper announced his withdrawal from the platform on his Instagram.

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Taiga Announce He deleted his account on the platform and launched his own OnlyFans competitor, My star, Which will provide content creators with more freedom and better revenue reduction. At the same time, it also provides viewers with a higher-quality viewing experience. According to the press release, Myystar will only deduct 10% from the creator’s income, compared to OnlyFans’ 20%.

Built with encrypted backbone

The most compelling feature of Myystar is still that the platform is built on the Ethereum network. The rapper seems to have listened to the suggestions that have appeared on the market recently and dealt with them.

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In addition to providing better quality and higher revenue percentage, Myystar will also allow content creators to sell NFTs on the platform, as well as features related to the music industry. This will provide content creators with the ability to produce pornographic content in order to sell them as NFTs.

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Countless sex workers and adult content creators have been affected by OnlyFans’ ban on pornography. Tyga told Forbes that he wanted to bring hope to these people through his platform. “I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and this is where most of their income comes from. I want to give those people hope,” Taiga said.

The Myystar platform is scheduled to be launched in October, after the ban on pornography on OnlyFans took effect on October 1. The website is currently active and allows creators to register before publishing.

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