FirstFT: The United States invites commercial airlines to assist in the evacuation of Kabul Airport

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The Pentagon says it has ordered American Civil Airlines Helped to move Afghan refugees from US bases in the Middle East, because Western troops worked hard to evacuate people from the country a week after the Taliban regained control.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin launched the civilian reserve air force fleet to provide commercial aircraft to support evacuation from temporary shelters, allowing military aircraft to focus on entering and exiting Kabul International Airport.

American airlines including American Airlines, Atlas Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Omni Air and Hawaiian Airlines will provide a total of 18 aircraft. The Pentagon says.

Yesterday, thousands of Afghans who wanted to leave the country were still crowded around Kabul International Airport, but were unable to enter the area controlled by the US military. A NATO official said that in the past seven days, at least 20 people have died inside and outside the airport.

  • What has changed in the past two years? Since the Taliban went out of control in 2001, the fertility rate has fallen, women’s education levels have increased, and mobile phone users have surged. Here are 10 charts This shows that living conditions in Afghanistan have improved.

“The female voice that has flourished over the past 20 years must still be celebrated,” Enuma Daro. To follow the latest news in Afghanistan, please visit Fortis.

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1. The Prime Minister of Sweden will step down in November Stefan Lofven Unexpected announcement He will step down in three months, triggering political turmoil before next year’s elections.During his seven-year tenure, Lowen dealt with two major crises-the refugee wave in 2015 and COVID-19 pandemicThe lack of formal blockade in Sweden during this period made it an outlier.

Stefan Lofven stated that he hopes his party will be led by a new leader before the elections in September next year © Henrik Montgomery/TT/AFP/Getty

2. Merkel resolved Ukraine’s concerns about Beixi 2 This pipeline will transport Russian natural gas to Western Europe in the Baltic Sea and is of particular importance. Concern for KievIf Moscow cuts supplies through Ukraine, it will lose $2 billion in transit revenue. “If Russia uses this natural gas pipeline as a weapon, we will adopt new sanctions,” the German Chancellor told the Ukrainian President.

3. England turned to China and Russia Boris Johnson hopes to focus on long-term solutions to the Afghanistan crisis and acknowledges that after the U.S. retreat, China and Russia are now Important participant In the area. As the chairman of the Group of Seven, the British Prime Minister will hold talks, including arrangements for the evacuation of Western and Afghan citizens.

4. The UK rejects industry requests for EU truck driver visas Ministers have Refused The industry calls for allowing EU immigrants to fill the huge gap in the labor market for British truck drivers. However, the British government is willing to consider increasing training for Britons who wish to become porters.

5. Climate models predict more frequent extreme high temperatures If greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, the heat wave will become longer and more intense. This effect may be particularly noticeable in the southern hemisphere, New model show.

  • read more: Human beings are on the brink of disaster. But with creative thinking and collective will, we may still have time to avoid disasters, Kim Stanley Robinson wrote.

A series of maps show the number of extra days with temperatures above 35C compared to the 1981-2010 average using the CMIP6 model.According to the highest emission scenario (RCP 8.5), extreme high temperature weather in many regions will increase by more than 100 days

Coronavirus Digest

  • AstraZeneca Will seek regulatory approval Its antibody cocktail After a study showed that the drug significantly reduced the risk of symptomatic Covid-19.

  • The cinema hopes to recover from the “survival” crisis Covid delayed blockbuster, Such as the latest James Bond movie.

  • Global inventory records Their worst week Since June, market sentiment has been severely suppressed by concerns about the slowdown in the economic rebound and the imminent reduction of the US stimulus plan.

FTSE Global Index weekly chart (%) shows that global stock markets have had their worst week since June

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the day before

vaccine all 16 and 17 years old Their first dose of coronavirus vaccine will be provided by today. British Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that this date will allow young people to build immunity two weeks before school starts.

Kamala Harris The Vice President of the United States arrived in Southeast Asia yesterday. Harris will meet with the President and Prime Minister of Singapore today and will stop at Changi Naval Base.She will seek Strengthen the relationship Partners with regions dominated by China’s economic and political influence. (CNN)

What are we still reading

Taiwanese are dismissive of China’s threats In the past year, China has taken a more belligerent stance against Taiwan, threatening to invade the territory if Taipei refuses to submit indefinitely.Patrols and military exercises ExacerbatedWhat shocked the United States was that the United States said that China might launch an attack on Taiwan within six years. But on the land of Taiwan, No sign of panic.

How U.S. payment groups ended up on the wrong side of India’s plan In India, 20% of the population does not have a bank account, and only 3% of the population has a credit card, which creates a huge opportunity for financial services.Indian policymakers have been trying to reduce the economy’s dependence on cash, but Strict data storage rules Stumble over overseas companies hoping to expand in large growth markets.

Olympian Krystsina Tsimanouskaya recounted her escape experience After a dispute with the Belarusian sports authorities, officials of the country’s authoritarian regime tried to tie the 24-year-old sprinter to a plane returning from the Tokyo Olympics. With the help of a translation app, Tsimanouskaya fled Japan to seek asylum in Poland, where she now lives under 24-hour protection.This is what she told the Financial Times About her escape.

“I was thinking, what should I do if I can’t find the police? Should I tear up my passport? Start running?” she recalled.

High-profile rape accusations revive China’s #MeToo movement The anti-harassment movement gradually faded until a pop star and former Alibaba manager were Public accusationsBut feminist activists warned that the ruling Communist Party of China remains vigilant against large-scale feminist radicalism, and that feminism continues to be subject to censorship and nationalist attacks.

How the Myanmar coup fueled the drug trade Thai police seized 1,000 kilograms of methamphetamine under the observation of officials and analysts Drug trafficking rises And addictive alert.They said the drugs came from neighboring Myanmar, which has been spun into Into political chaos And the civil war since the military takeover.

Ton bar chart shows rise in methamphetamine seizures in Southeast Asia


Five water adventures Spot jaguars on the Peruvian Amazon, heli-ski in Greenland, extreme fly fishing in Patagonia, or just relax on Paxos: wherever you are, Do it from the boat.


The “Halas 71” ship will carry more than three thousand years of Turkish history, including the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

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