The substrate-based Porta blockchain introduces a grant program of up to 60,000 USD »CryptoNinjas

The substrate-based Porta blockchain introduces a grant program of up to 60,000 USD »CryptoNinjas


Porta Network, a proof-of-stake blockchain based on Substrate, announced today that it will launch its ecosystem grant program. The company focuses on simplifying the experience for users and developers.

Since the launch of its “padlock” testnet on Wednesday, August 11, the number of developers for the project has surged, with more than 125 developers and developers creating more than 80 new cryptocurrencies on its testnet.

In order to expand the Porta ecosystem, the company hopes to support early projects built with Rust or Rust projects that want to connect to the Porta blockchain.

In 2021, Porta will provide grants worth up to 60,000 U.S. dollars in amounts of 10,000 U.S. dollars and 15,000 U.S. dollars respectively. Its goal is to award 2-4 grants for this initial run.

Ecosystem grant category

  • Decentralized AMM/IDO protocol
  • gamble
  • NFT
  • DeFi loan agreement
  • bridge
  • Decentralized P2P trading platform
  • development tools
  • privacy
  • new idea

Key date

  • Application deadline-September 19, 2021
  • Announcement of grant winners – September 30, 2021

application process

  • step 1: Submit funding application.
  • Step 2: Interview to determine whether the project is appropriate.
  • Step 3: Announce funding winners.
  • Step 4: Onboarding and milestone setting.
  • Complete: Appropriation allocation.

Application best practices and ecosystem grant FAQs can be found on the portal website.

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