FirstFT: Report of Taliban’s death due to dissent

FirstFT: Report of Taliban’s death due to dissent


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Taliban faces growth Signs of objection On the second day of the protest, Afghans raised national flags in several cities and triggered a crackdown. At least two people were reported to have died.

Protesters marched in Kabul and other cities yesterday to celebrate Afghanistan’s Independence Day and to commemorate the end of British control of the country in 1919.

According to Al Jazeera, at least two people were killed in the eastern city of Asadabad when the Taliban opened fire on the crowd and stabbed a Taliban fighter. Reuters reported that it is not clear whether the deaths were caused by shooting or stampede.

Ashraf Ghani, the deposed president of Afghanistan from the United Arab Emirates defend He decided to leave the country, saying that his life was in imminent danger. He added that he is negotiating to return.

In the UK, Boris Johnson faced Dismissal Dominic Raab claimed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs issued an urgent appeal on the ongoing crisis while on vacation.Washington’s decision to withdraw troops exposed Fault line In the special relationship between Britain and the United States. Follow the latest Fortis.

More about Afghanistan:

  • Imperial Cemetery: A sort of history The failed foreign occupation of Afghanistan.

  • The Taliban are now facing challenge Pay government wages and keep the country running.

  • Is the 2015 refugee crisis that has engulfed Europe and poisoned its politics for years now coming to an end? repeat itself?

“I tend to believe that’now is not a good time to exit’. Twenty years of denying corruption and the false allegiance that fuels it will not help.” — Chris Sandford, FirstFT European/African reader

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There are five more stories in the news

1. The U.S. updates its “buy or bury” allegations against Facebook The Federal Trade Commission has resubmitted its Antitrust complaints In response to Facebook, it accused social media groups of maintaining monopoly power and using “buy or bury” strategies to suppress competitors.

  • Virtualization: This week, Facebook launched Horizon Studio, Its vision for a virtual reality workspace.

2. CD&R raises Morrison’s bid Private equity group Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Increase In the latest round of the protracted bidding war against the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket group, its offer for Wm Morrison was 285 pence per share, which is a substantial boost compared with the previously rejected 230 pence method.

3. Coinbase enters Japan U.S. Cryptocurrency Exchange Reach an agreement Cooperating with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, bet that this Japanese bank will help it gain a foothold in the global digital asset trading center. But a few hours later, when the Japanese exchange Liquid confirmed that it had been hacked, its efforts to emphasize the security of encrypted transactions were shaken.

4. British companies call for retrofits to meet household emission targets Leaders in the energy, construction, financial services, and housing industries are urging the government to “urgent“Develop a strategy to deal with inefficient, leaky houses or “possibly miss” its 2050 net zero emissions target.

5. OnlyFans prohibits pornography Regulatory issues prompt decisions No explicit content, According to social media platforms. This move will shock adult performers, because traditional pornography production is blocked by the blockade, and many of them flock to the app during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Digest

  • US Stock investors are beginning to accept the view of Delta variants contusion The global economic recovery threatens a record rebound.

  • Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Hope to gain Election benefits Before the economic bill expires, pandemic stimulus policies.

  • Automobile manufacturers Toyota and Ford Announce Interrupt From the outbreak in Southeast Asia to their assembly line. Alphaville More about the chip shortage that seemed to be alleviated a few weeks ago.

Tim Harford asked: Will all these Covid certificates be added to the passport and income tax as a continuous emergency measure?

Tim Harford:

Tim Harford: “After all, Sars-Cov-2 is not in imminent danger of being eradicated, and red tape can be tricky” © Anna Wray

the day before

Merkel-Putin Conference The German Chancellor will meet with the Russian President in Moscow today. The leaders are expected to discuss the unrest in Afghanistan and the situation in eastern Ukraine. They may also speak to American officials in Berlin. They areHavana syndrome” symptom.

Join us today at 4pm British Summer Time Twitter space arrive Delve into Gain insights into the failure of the Afghan banking system and its attempts to transform into a digital payment economy.

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Wall Street has reason to worry about working from home Big American bankers like to be cool in public. But executives have more reasons to worry: working from home with other people’s trillions of dollars is a risky experiment. Gary Silverman wrote.

Gary Silverman:

Gary Silverman: “Legal and regulatory risks mean that bank owners are eager to understand actions better.” © Efi Chalikopoulou

Investment in menopause Increasing awareness of women’s health issues may lead to higher returns for some companies.worldwide Women’s Technology DepartmentFocusing on products and services designed to meet women’s often neglected health care needs, it is expected to soar from 19 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 to 60 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

King Stanley Robinson’s Climate Plan How does it feel to live on the brink of great historical change?it Feel like now. Human beings are on the brink of disaster. But with creative thinking and collective will, we may still have time to avoid disaster.

HMRC delves into your data You may not know, but HM Revenue & Customs may be Processing your data immediately. The continuous enhancement of digital communication and computing capabilities and new regulatory powers have enabled the UK tax authorities to search more deeply for an astonishing amount of financial information.

How did I get to the top of Duolingo’s Danish rankings The lock-in habit puts Isabel Berwick at the top Top 2% 40 million global active users of language learning apps. This is what she learned by jumping into a language that has no family, work, or romantic relationship with her.

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Transmit your taste buds here has Six cookbooks Stimulate people’s appetite for remote coastal flavors from the Mediterranean to the saltwater marshes along the southern coast of the United States.

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