FirstFT: Afghans face “terrible” financial prospects

FirstFT: Afghans face “terrible” financial prospects



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The Afghan people are facing “Horrible” financial outlook, The former governor of the central bank warned that a severe shortage of the US dollar and rising inflation will encourage Immigration out of the country.

Ajmal Ahmady, who fled Kabul on Sunday, told the Financial Times that Afghanistan has always relied on large amounts of U.S. dollar reserves shipped by the United States, and that it is now in rapid shortage, leading to rising food prices and the possibility of capital controls.

“If you think the situation at the airport is bad now, I think in the medium term, you will see a large wave of immigrants from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, if Europe or other countries think they can stop this situation, you simply can’t. “He says.

The Islamic organization yesterday suppressed public dissent for the first time since it seized power.At least According to reports, three people were killed As a warrior Violently disperse People from anti-Taliban protests, while the U.S. is working hard Evacuate American citizens and their Afghan allies. Follow the latest Fortis. (UK “Financial Times”, Reuters)

More information about the fall of Afghanistan:

what Do you have any question About the rise of the Taliban? FT reporters may speak to them at our upcoming webinar with U.S. defense correspondent Katrina Manson, Asian company and marketing editor Stephanie Findlay and US executive editor Peter Spiegel. Register here for the fall of Afghanistan: what’s next August 25. Thanks for reading. — Jennifer

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2. Goldman Sachs acquires European asset management company The bank’s asset management department has agreed to 1.6 billion euros, Marking Wall Street Bank’s largest acquisition since David Solomon became CEO in 2018.

3. The Brexit immigration rules are accused of running chickens British chicken producers say immigration restrictions after Brexit are to blame Staff shortage This forced them to reduce supply, causing restaurants such as KFC and Nando to cut menu items and close branches.

4. Exclusive: Lloyds Bank aims to become a UK landlord Lloyds Banking Group’s goal is to become one of the largest banks in the UK landlord According to internal documents, 50,000 houses will be purchased in the next 10 years.

5. Data breaches of millions of T-Mobile customers The personal information of nearly 50 million people has been leaked “Stolen” from T-Mobile USA In the high-profile data breaches in recent years. The mobile telecommunications group stated that a “highly sophisticated cyber attack” resulted in the theft of the personal information of its current, former and potential customers.

Coronavirus Digest

  • rise Vaccinated person Become Infected According to new research, coronavirus infection has raised doubts about the long-lasting efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • UK minister and Congressman Yes defendant During the urgent parliamentary debate on Afghanistan, some people chose not to wear masks, thus “destroying public health information” yesterday.

  • most U.S. Federal Reserve Official I believe the Fed can Start withdrawing Pandemic stimulus plan later this year.

  • This Biden Administration Will start offering to Americans Third dose The mRNA vaccine next month.

Although the injection of liquidity last year was very important to prevent economic disasters, central bank officials’ claims that quantitative easing will boost GDP were not persuasive. John Prand writes. Follow us Live blog Stay up to date with the latest coronavirus news and Sign up For us Coronavirus business update communication.

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FTC faces deadline for Facebook lawsuit The Federal Trade Commission must file a revised complaint in its Facebook antitrust lawsuit after a federal judge by today Dismiss the complaint, Calling the agency’s argument that Facebook has monopoly power over the social network market “is not legally enough.”

Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day Elon Musk is expected to deliver a keynote speech on Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence Day.The incident happened a few days after the U.S. government Investigate A crash involving the automaker’s Autopilot driverless technology and the U.S. Senator’s call Investigate the company’s marketing practices.

Number of initial jobless claims in the U.S. Economists expect unemployment benefit applications to continue to increase fall The week ending on August 14. (WSJ)

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Interview: The German Green Party and the Merkel era split Green Prime Minister candidate Annalena Belbok vowed that if her party gains power, it will take a hard line against China and Russia and reform Europe’s fiscal rules. Mark rest From the policy of the outgoing Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Belbok was rarely interviewed by foreign media, and was interviewed by Erika Solomon of the British “Financial Times”.

Annalena Baerbock:

Annalena Baerbock: “The prosperity of this country is based on our industry. If it is to continue to succeed in the future, Germany must achieve climate neutrality” © AFP via Getty Images

E-payments fuel the entrepreneurial boom in Nigeria The country’s economy may be in trouble, but its fintech group has attracted more than US$1 billion In the venture capital of the past two years. But at the same time, critics believe that the government has taken drastic measures against the industry.

British corporate “greenwashing” claim As the consensus on the importance of environmental issues continues to increase, people’s propositions for solving these issues are becoming more and more confused. Regulators need to pay attention to suspicious environmental claims, and companies need to pay attention, Helen Thomas wrote.

Large tech companies want their employees to go back where they can be seen In a truly disruptive global trend, the greatest disruptors are sticking to traditions, Write Elaine MooreAccording to data from the United States Postal Service, the number of people moving out of the Bay Area has returned to pre-pandemic levels. If you have a choice, do you plan to work from home at least part of the time after the pandemic?Vote for us polling.

Political Posture and Posture Politics The statement seems to be nothing more than a gesture. Yanis Varufakis called on Afghan women to “keep on it, sisters!” It didn’t feel substantive. However, some gestures can have real power and impact. For example, football players bend their knees before the game, a powerful reminder of the need for change, Jamie Ma Kelly wrote.


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