The “Quick Exchange” of the encryption platform now appears in the DASH application

The “Quick Exchange” of the encryption platform now appears in the DASH application


Today, the Dash Core Group announced that it has integrated Encrypted exchange’s “quick exchange” feature has been integrated into Dash’s official Android wallet application.Users can now Dash wallet Through a VISA card that supports more than 100 countries and more than 50 national currencies.

liquid Fast exchange Designed to make buying and exchanging cryptocurrency fast and easy. Users who use Quick Exchange to purchase cryptocurrency will receive a quote in their national currency; or they can choose any of more than 50 legal currencies to view their quotes.

3 integration stages

  1. this is First The integration will bring three release phases for Dash and users. All Quick Exchange purchases of Dash using VISA in the application will take a few minutes. This is because Liquid integrates InstantSend, which is one of Dash’s unique features.
  2. So much-anticipated second The stage of this integration is the Swaps feature of Quick Exchange, which is planned to be released in the near future. Users can use Quick Exchange’s Swap function to seamlessly exchange one encrypted currency to another, including cross-chain transactions.
  3. This third The final stage is for users to be able to transfer Dash between their Liquid account and Dash wallet, which will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“It’s great to work with the Dash team to do really great things for the community. Liquid Quick Exchange provides first-class exchange rates and industry-leading user experience. Combining the high-quality Dash ecosystem and applications; we have a very powerful Example.”
– Jered Masters, Liquid Front End Supervisor and Fast Exchange Supervisor + DASH

Dash continuously strives to ensure a high level of user experience Dash wallet, Compared with other functions, pay more attention to the speed and usability of the wallet. The ability to add more features to the wallet increases user retention and usage rates.

“The addition of Liquid’s Quick Exchange is a key step in our joint commitment to user experience and easy access. With Liquid’s global coverage; users from all corners of the world will be able to participate and benefit from this integration. Liquid is recognized as Dash FastPass Partners; this means that Dash can be purchased, deposited, and withdrawn quickly, so that it can be used whenever the user sees fit.”
– Omar Hamwi, Business Development Manager, Dash Core Group

Since Dash Core Group’s business development team began to implement its Quick pass strategy.

Originally to promote business in the transaction ecosystem that has implemented InstantSend; now it is an interconnected partner network where users can take advantage of the power of the FastPass network. This allows for new use cases including arbitrage. Dash Investment Foundation has further invested in Quadency; an automated trading solution and a FastPass partner. Quadency has too much integration with Liquid to realize Dash’s automatic and instant transactions.

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