FirstFT: Biden defends the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

FirstFT: Biden defends the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan


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Joe Biden puts the blame on Chaos engulfed Kabul On the shoulders of the dismissed Afghan government and its ineffective security forces, the claim that the US-backed authorities were unable to resist the Taliban’s attack proved that he was right to withdraw the US troops.

When the US President delivered a speech yesterday, the Pentagon tried to restart flights after being occupied by fleeing Afghans at Kabul International Airport.At least Seven dead In turmoil.

When Afghans are ready for life Strict Islamic rule, The country’s women worry that the civil liberties they have enjoyed over the past two decades will be affected Quick reversal.

Taliban’s rapid defeat of Afghan security forces Exposed failure In the US intelligence, policy, and decision-making agencies, officials and experts say this will have a profound impact.

The instability caused by the Taliban takeover is internationally affected: Pakistan’s international bonds Under selling pressure And Uzbekistan’s debt weakened.

The officials in Islamabad did not hide their gloat At the end of the United States’ 20-year mission in Afghanistan.China has stated that it will respect the “choice” of the Afghan people. This is the first sign that Beijing is prepared to give Support cautiously A government led by the Taliban. (FT, Associated Press)

  • View: The fall of Kabul will end U.S. influence in Afghanistan and may last for decades. Gideon Rahman wrote. A large-scale international effort is needed to deal with the refugee outflow, adding Our editorial board.

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There are five more stories in the news

1. The storm landed in Haiti, the earthquake-stricken area Tropical storm grace Arrived in Haiti yesterday It is expected to hit the same area of ??the country that is still affected by Saturday’s strong earthquake, which killed more than 1,400 people and injured thousands.

Two days after the Haiti earthquake, bulldozers cleared debris from the collapsed hotel site © AP

2. Glencore supports battery startup in the UK Mining Group acquired shares of British Volt, which is the battery startup behind Ambitious plan A super factory designed to equip the British automotive industry with the future of electric vehicles. As part of the agreement, Glencore will also supply cobalt to the super factory, which is an important raw material for batteries.

3. The U.S. investigates Tesla Autopilot Washington has Initiated a probe After being repeatedly urged by an independent regulator to accuse the electric car manufacturer of releasing unproven software on public roads, it fell into a crash involving Tesla’s driverless technology.

4. UK Hydrogen Energy Promotes Taxpayers can Funding The production of “low-carbon” hydrogen, so when ministers try to persuade a series of sectors to switch from fossil fuels, the price of natural gas is as cheap as natural gas.

5. Private capital groups soar The largest listed private capital companies in the United States are More than tripled Since the deep market sell-off last year, investors have benefited from the high costs of the unlisted asset boom.

The histogram of consolidated market capitalization (in billions of dollars) shows that the stocks of private capital companies have soared from Covid lows

Coronavirus Digest

  • GlaxoSmithKline and CureVac Second-generation Covid-19 vaccine induction Stronger According to an animal study, the immune response was higher than the first one.

  • China’s economy Significantly poor performance In July, floods and delta mutations exacerbated concerns about stagnation.

  • This Vaccine patent dispute With the strengthening of the pharmaceutical industry and health officials Locked corner Intellectual property exemption for jabs.

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income BHP Billiton The annual results are released today. Just Eat, a European food delivery group, reported that Sea Group, the listed company with the highest market capitalization in Southeast Asia, also reported. Check out our complete list of technology revenues this week #techFT communication. Register here.

U.S. retail sales A wave of coronavirus cases prompts renewed attention to the impact of the pandemic consumer Spending in the world’s largest economy.Expected today’s report reveal Situationally.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Presides over City Hall Investors will pay close attention to whether Jay Powell has any hints move In terms of monetary policy.

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The time is ripe for application-based services to disrupt complex legacy systems

The time is ripe for application-based services to disrupt complex legacy systems

How not to deal with prize assets How do investment managers deal with assets whose growth rate is slowing and whose value is bound to decline? Those who are worth the money will redeploy their money and buy different stocks on the right side of the progress. FC Barcelona chose the opposite approach. Michael moritz wrote, Causing Lionel Messi to leave.

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Health and fitness

Lionel Barber cycling Nothing can compare to two wheels, Former FT editor wrote. It’s like going back to your own private world, always unforgettable, especially during a pandemic.

As Lionel Barber’s twin brother Stephen said, “Biking is the only sport that pays off”

As Lionel Barber’s twin brother Stephen said, “Biking is the only sport that pays off” © Marco Kesseler

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