DCMC launches a crypto wallet with built-in DEX, inheritance and insurance »CryptoNinjas

DCMC launches a crypto wallet with built-in DEX, inheritance and insurance »CryptoNinjas


The cryptocurrency wallet platform DCMC recently announced the launch of its native token and a new type of crypto wallet with inheritance and insurance functions. In addition, the wallet is built on DCMC DEX, and DCMC token holders can share their profits.

The DCMC wallet has three basic functions:

1. Insurance

When users cannot access their wallets when they forget or lose their passwords, DCMC’s insurance function will cover this situation and return all their assets to them.

In most cases, when managing or storing assets in a universal crypto wallet; management is 100% of the user’s responsibility. Therefore, if users cannot access their wallets for any reason; the assets may never be recovered. The DCMC Wallet enables users to ensure that their assets are securely protected.

2. Shared ownership

In the DCMC wallet, there is a co-ownership option. With this setting, the withdrawal of assets requires verification by all approved users on the account.

3. Easily transfer assets to family members and designated persons

Wallet owners can set up their wallets under specified conditions. For example, when the wallet owner has an accident; multiple approved users, such as family members, relatives, or colleagues, can access the wallet on behalf of the main owner.

For more information, please check DCMC white paper.

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