Uppsala Security launches new tracking service for victims of crypto theft

Uppsala Security launches new tracking service for victims of crypto theft


Uppsala Security Agency Security Tool Provider And encryption AML/CTF, transaction risk management, regulatory compliance services, today announced the launch of its Digital asset tracking service, A solution created specifically for victims of ransomware and encryption crimes caused by theft, hacking, and fraud.

A dedicated team of Uppsala security experts can now help organizations and individuals who are victims of malicious activities and cybercrime thoroughly analyze the incident and compile a conclusive detailed report tracking asset losses based on the incident details received from the victims .

To achieve the above goals, designated security experts use internally built software tools, including Cryptographic analysis transaction visualization (CATV) Track cryptocurrency transactions and Cryptographic analysis risk assessment (CARA) Analyze and measure the risks of encrypted transactions; both of the above tools can use decentralized, crowdsourced Threat Intelligence Database Built by Uppsala, it currently contains more than 61 million verified security indicators.

Regarding cybercrime incidents that led to the loss of cryptocurrency assets, victims can now use This form, Then the transaction tracking process will start with the following steps:

  1. Use event submission sheet It can be found on the Uppsala Security website.
  2. After confirming the validity of the incident, a designated security researcher will be assigned to handle the case.
  3. A description of the service will be provided, including the general steps of the upcoming investigation, and the Uppsala Security Service will sign a contract with the victim.
  4. Finally, a detailed and detailed forensic report will be provided to the victim, which includes all the results of the in-depth investigation. According to the jurisdiction of the victim’s country of residence, the report can be submitted to a legal agency for further measures.

As a result of the digital asset tracking service, the customer will receive a comprehensive transaction tracking report; this does not guarantee that the victim can recover the lost cryptocurrency funds. However, despite the characteristics of data immutability in the decentralized space, Uppsala managed to resolve cases that ended in complete recovery of lost assets; each of these cases included support from local law enforcement and the encryption involved Cooperation with currency exchanges.

“Uppsala Security was originally a project because of the lack of feasible solutions to help organizations and individuals suffer the unfortunate incident of losing encrypted assets due to malicious activities and cybercrimes. In 2016, due to previously unidentified security vulnerabilities, I learned from 7,218 ETH tokens were lost in the Mist/Ethereum wallet; no one can help me. Today, I am very happy and proud to be able to help victims of similar incidents; supported by a highly innovative and enthusiastic team, committed to Establish and promote mass adoption of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization. Digital asset tracking services are today’s preferred solution for victims of any type of malicious activity that leads to the loss of digital assets. Although security may be overlooked, But it connects everything together.”
– Patrick King, founder and CEO of Uppsala Security

Uppsala Digital Asset Tracking Service

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