FirstFT: The United States and the United Kingdom send troops to help evacuate the Afghan embassy

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U.S. and U.K. will deploy troops to help Evacuate staff After Joe Biden decided to withdraw US troops, the Taliban continued to carry out lightning offensives on the capital cities of Afghanistan.

The Pentagon stated that it will send 3,000 soldiers to Kabul in the next few days to help the embassy evacuate, including aircraft that can send personnel out of the Afghan capital and a reserve brigade of 3,500 soldiers to prevent the security situation from deteriorating further.

The US State Department stated that it was withdrawing diplomats due to the threat of the Taliban’s offensive, adding that only a small number of personnel would remain after the operation was completed.

The British deployment, also announced yesterday, will include 600 soldiers to speed up the evacuation of some diplomats and Afghans working with the British army.

  • read more: Taliban captured Kandahar And Herat, Afghanistan’s second and third largest city, after a day of fighting.The militant group has taken control of 12 provincial capitals set a goal In Kabul.

  • View: Different results may still occur in Afghanistan-but only if the United Nations and other agencies act now, Mark Malloch-Brown writes, Chairman of the Open Society Foundation. (FT, Associated Press)

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1. Adidas sells Reebok for up to 2.1 billion euros Adidas is Sell Reebok provided up to 2.1 billion euros in funding to Authentic Brands, an American celebrity and apparel licensing group. The deal cleared the line for the German sportswear manufacturer’s unfortunate $3.8 billion acquisition in 2005 in an attempt to compete with rival Nike.

2. Reddit’s value jumps to 10 billion U.S. dollars Online discussion forum, its users Disrupt the U.S. stock market This year, after a new round of financing, it is experiencing its own valuation leap Worth 10 billion U.S. dollars. In the past two and a half years, the value of the company has tripled.

3. Extreme weather causes insurance losses to skyrocket Wildfires, U.S. winter storms and European tornadoes helped deal with the estimates $40 billion blow For global insurance companies, the first half of 2021 is the worst start for natural catastrophe insurance in a decade.

4. UK-Ireland freight rates drop by 29% The post-Brexit trade frictions include “Significant change“The volume of freight between the UK and the Republic of Ireland has fallen by nearly a third since January. Irish companies have chosen to ship their goods directly to Europe.

5. The deadly Plymouth shooting The British police reported that in what they called “Serious gun incident“Yesterday in a city in southwest England. The details of the attack are limited, but it is widely reported as a domestic incident.

Coronavirus Digest

  • US Health officials are preparing to authorize Third dose Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines are used in adults with weakened immune functions.

  • This British Decrease in infection rate Has slowed down, A leading survey found that there are signs of rising.The country’s economy has grown 4.8% In the second quarter, as restrictions were relaxed, consumers eagerly spent money.

  • NHS in the UK Preparing for record breaking Waiting list It is used for routine hospital treatment and emergency services in summer.

  • new Zealand Next year, its international borders will be reopened and the speed of vaccination will be accelerated, which is the slowest among developed countries.Key industries have lobbied to relax restrictions to solve the problem Severe skills shortage.

After losing the sprint, the European Union led the vaccine marathon, Our editorial board wrote. register For us Coronavirus business update communication.

Thank you for participating in the voting on Wednesday. 82% said that the government should “absolutely” enforce the use of coronavirus vaccine passports.

the day before

football A new football season Kick off Today in Europe.This After Messi is In Spain’s La Liga and the Premier League in the first game of England saw the newly promoted Brentford host Arsenal. In Germany, the Bundesliga has also returned. (Associated Press, Financial Times)

income Suzuki Motor, Alrosa, and Rusal are among the companies reporting earnings.Read the full list here.

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How Turkey became a European tech star Since last summer, the valuation of Turkish technology companies has exceeded the $1 billion mark, which is considered Business successAlthough a series of investments have made Istanbul a veritable city, its new success has been brewing for many years.

The chart shows that Turkish technology companies raised more funds in 2021 than the previous four years combined

The $600 million robbery illustrates the future of cryptocurrency In a traditional bank siege, observers may need to rely on news helicopters hovering overhead to get updates. In encrypted robberies, such as this week’s robbery, you can see all this directly on your smartphone. This is a fascinating story that reveals many situations in the current industry, Adam Samson wrote.

go on holiday?Keep the “to-do” list at home The pressure to increase productivity is everywhere, even during vacations. But how often can we honestly look back at our day and say that no minute was wasted? Tired when it happens. We cannot burn brightly every day, Tim Harford wrote.

Tim Harford:

Tim Harford: “A good time management system provides the same clear commitments every day, and the same inner peace comes from the confidence that you spend your time wisely” © Anna Wray

Security policy As a woman, I don’t know what dark alleys or rushing footsteps are, which is more or less unimaginable. The murder of Sarah Everard brought this matter into focus.But focus on Street and stranger safety There is little help for women who have suffered male violence in the family sphere.

Red State Rescue Dogs Leading the Blue State Life Since 2014, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has relocated 140,000 dogs from overcrowded southern shelters, most of which have moved north. Culture is part of this, although it is a tricky topic: dogs are sometimes seen in the South as being more easily abandoned and treated as such. Joshua Chaffin wrote, When he was studying the origins of Louis, the Tennessee Hound he adopted last year.


Apricot Rice Pudding Cold storage service, Rowley Leigh’s Summer turn Even on the hottest days, traditional dishes will be very popular.

Rice pudding is great for parties

Rice pudding is perfect for gatherings © Andy Sewell

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