Cosmos-based Keplr wallet is integrated with the cross-chain network Axelar

Cosmos-based Keplr wallet is integrated with the cross-chain network Axelar



Axelar, a decentralized interoperability network connecting blockchain ecosystems, applications, and users, announced that it has established a new partnership with the largest Keplr. Cosmos cross-chain wallet.

The partnership will integrate the Keplr wallet into the Axelar network in order to universe Ecosystem and others. Keplr is the most important Cosmos wallet, providing users with an all-in-one tool to manage their assets, access decentralized applications (dApp) and mortgage tokens.

Integration interest

Through this integration, users will be able to trade, pledge and participate in Axelar network governance through the Keplr network and mobile wallet.

In addition, the partnership will also allow assets to be transferred from the Axelar network to other Cosmos chains, and then through International Commercial Bank; Both Axelar network and Keplr support.

“Keplr is the wallet of choice for Cosmos users, and we are very pleased that they are cooperating with the Axelar network and supporting the ecosystem. This integration is an important milestone for the multi-chain future and an important milestone for connecting the Cosmos network with other external ecosystems.”
– Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder and CEO of Axelar

Integration means that users will be able to transfer assets from all Cosmos chains to other ecosystems connected through the Axelar network, such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Moonbeam and other EVM chains. This will not only increase user mobility, but also expand Keplr’s dApp network and its utility.

“The latest integration with the Axelar network meets the industry’s growing demand for cross-chain asset movement support. The Axelar network will take the lead in introducing high-demand assets such as Bitcoin into Interchain; and further promote the adoption of IBC.”
– Josh Lee, co-founder of Keplr Wallet


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