Monero’s Cake Wallet now supports Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto username »CryptoNinjas

Monero’s Cake Wallet now supports Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto username »CryptoNinjas



Unstoppable Domains, a blockchain-based domain name provider, announced support for Cake Wallet, a non-custodial open source Monero, Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet.

Now, 150,000 users of Cake Wallet can send Monero (XMR), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) through more than 50 wallets and exchanges using Unstoppable Domains’ easy-to-read usernames.

Sending Monero and other cryptocurrencies usually requires the recipient’s alphanumeric wallet address. However, these funds may be lost forever if they are entered incorrectly or copied incorrectly.

By using an unstoppable domain, users can enter “156i6HJfMWb1h2BEsKpfvZ2tQugqo4vs2w” instead of “[YourName].crypto” to send funds.

Cake Wallet now supports Unstoppable Domains

Cake Wallet was launched in 2018, and users can create multiple wallet accounts that support cloud backup. Cake Wallet also includes an in-app exchange that can easily exchange XMR, BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, ADA, etc.

To date, Unstoppable Domains has sold more than 1 million domain names, of which Minted as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Monero and Cake Wallet have a strong, privacy-conscious global community; now they can easily connect their blockchain domain names, making private encrypted transactions as easy as sending emails.”
– Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains


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