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Blockchain ecosystem Switcheo team announced Switcheo TradeHub, the second layer of cross-chain protocol now supports Keplr wallet-a cross-chain wallet Applicable to the blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. Kepler provides seamless login and secure connection with Switcheo TradeHub.

Built by Chainfish Specifically for Cosmos-SDK, Keplr is a wallet Designed for flexible and versatile account management Cosmic ecosystem.

As a browser extension wallet, using Keplr to connect to Switcheo TradeHub is more secure than using encryption keys that require copy and paste keys.

In addition, the Switcheo team is currently working on adding wallet support to allow users to migrate the login method that exposes the encryption key to the browser to other secure connection methods.

Keplr enables users to explore interoperable blockchain applications inside and outside the Cosmos ecosystem.

Switcheo TradeHub + Keplr

With the support of Switcheo Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol; Kepler It can also facilitate transfers and transactions between Switcheo TradeHub and other Cosmos-based protocols.

This Kepler wallet Various native integration protocols have been supported, including Cosmos, Kava, Secret Network, Akash, Sifchain, etc. Using Keplr, users can easily interact and access multiple protocols in different blockchain ecosystems.

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