FirstFT: Philip Morris increases Vectura’s bid to more than £1 billion

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The battle between Philip Morris International and a private equity group for control of British inhaler manufacturer Vectura intensified yesterday as the Marlboro manufacturer increased tender Over 1 billion pounds.

Only two days after the US private equity group Carlyle raised its bid for Vectura in Wiltshire to 155 pence per share, PMI made an offer of 165 pence per share.

This proposal won the support of Vectura’s board of directors and a group of investors who own 11.2% of Vectura, including Axa Investment Managers. PMI’s offer valued Vectura’s equity at 1.02 billion pounds, while Carlyle’s valuation was 928 million pounds.

Vectura’s bidding war is taking advantage of the low valuations of Brexit and the pandemic when private equity firms launched the largest raid on British listed companies in decades.

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