The Bank of England hints at “appropriate tightening” of monetary policy in the next two years

Bank of England update

The Bank of England said on Thursday that after its most recent policy meeting, it “may need to moderately tighten monetary policy” in the next few years to control inflation.

The Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee warned that inflation could rise to 4% by the end of this year. Coupled with a strong recovery, most of its members believe that the conditions have been met and that they can start discussing raising interest rates again.

But MPC is not in a hurry to take immediate action. The committee voted 7 to 1 to extend the 150 billion pounds of government debt purchase program until the end of the year, and unanimously maintained interest rates at a historic low of 0.1%.

However, the change in the wording of the Bank of England will be seen as a sign that it may start raising interest rates sooner than previously expected.

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