What did Jenna Dewan say to Channing Tatum?

For ten years, actor Channing Tatum (Channing Tatum) and Jenna Dewan (Jenna Dewan) got married after they met on the set of their movie “Step Up.”

The couple welcomed their daughter Everly in 2013, six years before their divorce.


Actor Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan married for ten yearsCredit: large institutions

What did Jenna Dewan say to Channing Tatum?

hall Now talking about her experience Tatum Soon after their daughter was born.

In the latest episode of the Dear Media Podcast Dear gabiThe 40-year-old actress discussed the difficulties of separating from her ex-husband within a few weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

After birth, Dewan said that she continued to work and travel with the newborn baby at the time.

However, due to work arrangements, Tatum was “not available” for a period of time.

“I had to travel with her. At the time, Chan could not be with us most of the time. So, it was only me, my Doula and Evie who traveled alone in six weeks,” she shared.

The actress explained how to balance motherhood and work is “really difficult”, especially when she is set to “long hours”.

“I do let her be with me often. It’s really hard,” Dewan added.

Dewan also revealed that she “has a lot of postpartum anxiety” at the time.

“Like, I never stopped. You know, you get up a few times at night, and then you work all day,” she recalled. “I’m breastfeeding, I’m sucking, I don’t have a partner, I mean it’s just crazy.”

What did Jenna Dewan think about her divorce with Channing Tatum before?

Dewan made a comment in her memoir Gracefully You about her breakup with Tatum two years later.

In her memoirs, she revealed that they broke up after their dynamic “goes into harm”.

“I started to realize that the dynamic I was in was neither serving me nor serving my daughter,” wrote The Step Up actress.

“First of all, I have to accept the realization that this doesn’t work, and I have begun to get hurt.”

“I just got gutted,” she said in an interview people October 2019. “It’s too difficult for me.

“My life and I have lost an idealistic future. What does it look like to me now? Where do I start? I know him at the age of 24, and I don’t know a life without Chen.

“Separation tested me in a way that I thought was impossible. I began to doubt whether everything I believed in and talked about was true. Can anyone or anything be trusted?”

Jenna Dewan recently disclosed her experience with Channing Tatum shortly after the birth of her daughter


Jenna Dewan recently disclosed her experience with Channing Tatum shortly after the birth of her daughterCredit: Getty Images-Getty

Who is Channing Tatum dating now?

Tatum is currently single After breaking up with Jessie J in April 2020.

Since Tatum broke up with Dewan in October 2018, the two have been dating intermittently.

according to U.S. WeeklyBefore the announcement, the actor had already met the 33-year-old singer for several months.

They broke up in November 2019 but reunited in January 2020.

The insider added: “They were separated for a few weeks, but in the end it was decided that they really care about each other.”

According to reports, in April 2020, the two broke up for the second time.

In May 2020, the “Sun” revealed that Tatum and Jesse have begun to meet again, but Tatum does not want to establish a serious relationship.

At the same time, Dewan is Be engaged to Steve Kazee and welcome their son Calum, In 2020.

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