Samsung teased the “iPhone killer” before next week’s big event

Samsung will host a grand event next week, but fans think they have seen the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone.

Apple’s rival recently released a trailer for its August 2021 Galaxy Unpacked event, in which it asked other smartphones: “Is “good” good enough?”.


The trailer seems to show a glimpse of the new Galaxy Z Fold designCredit: Samsung

This video was posted by YouTube Samsung News Editorial Department.

Its title states: “Change is the only constant in the world of innovation.

“By driving new ideas and changing existing experiences, it redefines the boundaries of what is possible.

“As the excitement about the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked on August 11 continues to heat up, Samsung Electronics has released a trailer for the surprise waiting for Galaxy fans.”

The video first shows a series of old mobile phones from companies such as BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, and Nokia. They look like they have fallen into the black abyss.

Then it points out that change is a good thing and can lead to new innovations.

This is when the Galaxy S20 Ultra appeared before the audience was asked whether “good” was good enough.

Then it revealed the horizon-like design that was leaked last month, which then appeared to transform into the silhouette of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Then, the new design began to unfold, showing fantastic skyscrapers emerging from the inside of the smartphone.

The video ends with the words “Ready to Expand” appear on the screen, followed by the date of the Unpacked event.

This year’s Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled to be held on August 11.

Samsung is also expected to showcase the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone, new smart watches and some new wireless earbuds at this event.

The price of the next Galaxy Fold has not yet been announced, but the notorious first Fold launched its delicate screen issue at a price of around $2,000.

Samsung asked this question after showing off other brands as well as its own smartphones


Samsung asked this question after showing off other brands as well as its own smartphonesCredit: Samsung
Samsung will announce the launch of “the most powerful Galaxy device ever” this month to challenge Apple

In other news, the next iPhone Will adopt the new pink According to recent rumors, the starting price is less than £800.

Apple has Paid millions of dollars The explicit video and images of a woman were shared online by the person who repaired her iPhone.

Moreover, Spotify has launched A new feature Its Android and iOS apps can discover your favorite artists and provide you with personalized playlists.

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