Love Island 2021-Millie is forced to choose whether to abandon Liam because Hugo and the boys face a cruel reunion

Fans accuse Liam of “indulging” Millie during the “lady” vacation with Lily

The audience in Love Island accused Liam of “igniting” Millie when she unraveled his lie about his “lady holiday” with Lily.

The 21-year-old Welsh Waller Liam succumbed to temptation and kissed Lily at Casa Amor-while Millie was left in the main TV villa.

Lily later confronted her rival Millie and told her the truth about what happened to Liam.

She realized that he didn’t tell her the whole story-including how many times they kissed, and how far he flung.

Liam also told Millie that it “proved to be worse than it actually was”-which angered fans.

One said: “Liam. Stop lying, stop lighting Millie. This is your ball. Own it.”

Another added: “The surprised Millie didn’t hit Liam in the face, or even raised her voice, because the gas lamp became more and more crazy.”

Although the 24-year-old Millie avoided the six newcomers who joined the main villa, Liam agreed to “100%” for Lily—sleeping in the same bed with her and kissing her passionately.

But when he appeared again in the villa alone on Friday night, Liam grabbed Millie’s favorite Sagittarius necklace, and said it felt “awesome”.

To Millie’s delight, he said: “The time apart was very difficult, but I returned to where I belonged. It made you realize where your heart is, and my heart has been in this villa.”

But a few minutes later, when Lily walked into the villa and told her that she was shocked, her relief turned into fear because she was dumped by Liam after their steamy quarrel.

Distraught Millie ended their relationship last night-but Liam planned to win her back.

After Lily’s love house was revealed on Love Island, Millie abandoned Liam

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