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Experts say Prince Harry “has passed”

A royal expert said that Prince Harry’s loss of more patrons was a “psychological shock”, indicating that he “has passed the road of no return.”

Sporty Kate will succeed the Duke of Sussex -A long-time England fan-as a patron of his beloved England rugby team.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier told Sun Online: “The transfer of rugby sponsorship has allowed Kate to strengthen her royal duties to a large extent, accepting more and more sponsorships, and gaining a higher profile.

“This also highlights the reality that Prince Harry has been replaced in some of his favorite things, but what is sad is that the things he brought have been taken away.

“This is another example of changing the guard.”

Mr. Dampier also warned against the substitution of rugby patrons: “This is a psychological blow because it emphasizes division, and this is the final result.

“The queen left the door open, but the road of no return has passed-I can’t see Harry let him return to England, so yes, this is another blow and another example of what he gave up for a new life , And what price he paid.”

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