I put my newborn baby in the car seat outside the bathroom door during the bath-I am embarrassed, but mothers also need to take a bath

Becoming a new mother means being awake at night, endless worries, and almost no time to take care of yourself, while also taking care of a few weeks old baby.

This means that sometimes mothers have to be a little creative when taking care of their newborns, but sadly, this mother is ashamed of taking a five-minute shower.


A mom shared how she put her newborn son outside the bathroom door while bathingImage credit: sonyased5 / TikTok
Then she said to those who humiliated her


Then she said to those who humiliated her

in a Tik Tok In the video, mother Sonya Sed shows how she takes her newborn baby to bath by herself.

She parked the child outside the bathroom door-the bathroom door was open-and she was only a few steps away from him.

She wrote that it only took her six minutes to rinse her body quickly, and then she returned to her baby.

However, this is not good enough for some mothers who humiliate her for proposing this idea.

Many mothers criticized her for using car seats exclusively because they claimed that the position of the baby’s head would cut off the flow of oxygen.

When someone asked her if there was no other place to put a sleeping baby, she said: “Actually, I have a lot of choices, but he fell asleep while we were walking, so I took the opportunity to take a shower.”

After the negative comments she received at the time, she was forced to share Second video.

“I really washed the shower gel for six minutes with my two-year-old, because moms have to make it work as much as possible!

“Also, people relax! I know what is safe and unsafe for my baby.”

She said she knew what she was doing


She said she knew what she was doingImage credit: sonyased5 / TikTok

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