Harland boosts, Harry Kane monitors, Pogba and Solnigs latest news

Good afternoon Manchester United fans

According to a report by Phil Thomas of Sun Sports, Solskjaer’s new contract may give Manchester United a lead when they sign Dortmund star Erin Haaland next year.

When Harland left Salzburg Red Bull for Dortmund about 18 months ago, Manchester United almost missed it.

The 21-year-old player has a close relationship with compatriot Solskjaer. If the head coach is about to be fired, he is unwilling to risk a move to Old Trafford.

The star striker and his father, former Manchester City star Alf Inge have admitted that they don’t want to risk working under a boss they don’t like.

The Manchester United coach made the Norwegian international make his debut in Molde.

Now, after signing a new three-year contract last week, his own long-term future has been secured, and the Red Devils executives hope they can become popular candidates to sign Harland next summer.

At the same time, Manchester United continues to pay attention to Tottenham Hotspur superstar Harry Kane.

Kane received extra time off after representing England in the 2020 European Cup, but he failed to report for pre-season training for two consecutive days, which disappointed Tottenham’s hierarchy.

According to ESPN, the Red Devils continue to be interested in the star striker, but must defend against Manchester City.

Chelsea have also been linked to the England captain before

After a series of arrivals this summer, Atletico Madrid star Saul Nigues may be the next person to join Manchester United.

Tom Heaton, Jayden Sancho and Rafael Varane have confirmed their move to Old Trafford, but the Manchester giants are eager to continue spending money.

As Paul Pogba’s future is up in the air, Solskjaer is eager to add a midfielder to the team, and Sol is closely related to Atletico Madrid’s transfer.

Fabrizio Romano said in an interview with the United Stand: “Manchester United is one of the clubs that have had contact with Sol Nigues’s agent. They are very interested in this player and think he is ‘One of the biggest opportunities in the market.

“40-45 million euros will complete the transaction, no bid has yet been made”

Finally, Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino (Mauricio Pochettino) quelled rumors about Pogba’s transfer to Paris, saying that he already has “a large number of players.”

Pochettino said: “Look at our list of players at home, we have a lot of players.

“Half of the teams are at home. Some people are on vacation.

“I think the performance is good, I am very happy, I don’t want to talk about the names of other club players”

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