Tokyo Olympics live results: Simone Biles recently returned, Britain won the first equestrian gold medal in 49 years

On the 10th day of the exciting Tokyo Olympics, TEAM GB continued to seek medals.

Tom McEwen & Co won a gold medal in an equestrian team event-this is the first time the UK has won this event in 49 years!

McEwan also won a silver medal in the individual event after an amazing morning.

Emily Campbell won the historic silver medal in the women’s +87 kg weightlifting final, becoming the first British female weightlifter to win an Olympic medal.

Finally, today we also held a track bicycle race at the Izu Velodrome, and the women’s team pursuit race ranked second in the qualifying competition.

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  • Camacho-Quin reaction

    Puerto Rican player Jasmine Camacho-Quinn revealed that before winning the women’s 100m hurdles gold medal, she trained herself to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics

    Camacho-Quinn said: “It really means a lot.

    “This year I train very hard. I don’t have a training partner, I train myself, so I try my best, which is what I want this year.

    “I want to be a gold medalist, I did it. When I opened my heart [my season] I saw where I was, and I told myself that I might have a very fast year, and I worked hard for it.

    “I can’t do it alone-I need the support of my parents, family, coaches and fans”

  • Medal table update

    The British team ranks sixth in the Tokyo Olympic medal standings, with a total of 35 honors.

  • at the same time…

    Greek player Mitos Tentoglu won the gold medal in the men’s long jump final.

    Jasmine Camacho-Quinn of Puerto Rico finished first in the women’s 100m hurdles.

    Valari Allman won the United States’ first track and field gold medal in the women’s discus competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

    Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands won the women’s 5,000m race and competed for the first part of Tokyo’s potential triple crown.

    Soufiane El Bakkali won Morocco’s first gold medal in the men’s 3,000-meter obstacle course since Athens 2004

  • Pure gold

    Italy’s Gianmarco Tambori and Qatar’s Mutaz Balhim agreed to share the gold medal after a tie and won the joint gold medal.

    Both high jumpers missed 3 times more than 2.39 meters.

    That was when the two of them decided to share the highest honor.

    Tanberg said: “It’s better to share with friends. It’s amazing.”

  • Make history

    The British team’s Tom McEwen brought home the silver medal from the equestrian competition.

    That was his second medal in Tokyo

  • Campbell history

    Here is how Emily Campbell won the silver medal.

    Campbell also made history, becoming the first British athlete to receive honors in the women’s weightlifting category:

  • equatorial

    After leading Australia for 49 years, the GB team won their first team gold medal.

    Laura Colette, Tom McEwan and Oliver Towne won Britain’s 11th gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

    These three drivers made their debut at the Olympics, but demonstrated top-notch performance.

    McEwan also won the silver medal in the individual triathlon

  • Bile reflux

    US team gymnast Simon Byers will participate in the women’s balance beam final on Tuesday.

    The United States Gymnastics team announced: “We are pleased to confirm that tomorrow you will see two American athletes in the balance beam final-Li Suni and Simone Byers!”

    Byers qualified for all four equipment finals originally scheduled to be held from August 1st to 3rd, but eventually withdrew from all competitions except the balance beam to focus on her mental health.

    The 24-year-old young man described her struggles in “twisties” training in detail in an Instagram story. “twisties” is a gymnastic term that means that the gymnast’s mind and body seem to stop working together.

    Byers said: “My mind and body are not synchronized at all. For anyone who says I quit. I did not quit.

    “It’s not fun to deal with them. To be honest, trying to do a skill is terrible… without synchronizing your mind and body.”

  • Campbell reaction

    The British weightlifting team and Olympic silver medalist Emily Campbell was “excited” after her victory.

    Campbell told the BBC: “You want to show your best, but I’m very excited to show it on this stage.

    “I said to the coaches,’What just happened?’ That cleaning was not a perfect cleaning, I had to try to get under it. Once I was cleaned, I knew I would smoke it. I can’t speak now.

    “Thank you for believing in me. You can achieve any goal you want to achieve. I picked up a barbell for the first time five years ago, and now I am an Olympic silver medalist.”

  • Women’s hockey

    After beating Spain in an exciting penalty shootout, the GB team advanced to the semi-finals.

    Thanks to Maddie Hinch’s excellent goalkeeper, the two teams drew 2-2 and the British team won in the penalty shootout.

    The British team won 2-0 and will now replay the Dutch team in the Rio final on Wednesday

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
  • Women’s weightlifting

    Chinese player Li Wenwen arrived as scheduled and won the gold medal.

    Wenwen also broke the Olympic record with a total score of 283 kg.

    Emily Campbell of the British team won the silver medal, and Sarah Robles of the United States won the silver medal. Her coach is the four-time Olympic medalist Pieros Dimas

  • Women’s weightlifting

    British team star Emily Campbell just promised to win a medal in the +87 kg weightlifting competition.

    Therefore, Campbell will be the first British woman to win an Olympic weightlifting medal

  • Equestrian

    The GB team is striving to win more medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

    Oliver Town is second in the individual standings, Tom McEwan is third, and Laura Colette is fifth, entering the final round of the vault.

  • Women’s weightlifting

    Laurel Hubbard’s 2020 Olympics are over.

    After 120 kg in one attempt and 125 kg in two attempts, Hubbard failed to lift successfully in the snatch.

    The New Zealand star held his hands into a heart shape, said “thank you” to the camera, and won applause on his way off the stage.

    Chinese player Li Wenwen leads the way and is definitely the favorite to win gold

    Credit: Getty
  • Women’s weightlifting

    Hubbard returned to the stage for the third time with a weight of 125 kg.

    However, the New Zealand star failed again…

    Hubbard smiled on the stage and thanked those who attended, they have always supported the athletes’ efforts

  • Women’s weightlifting

    Laurel Hubbard returned to the stage but failed to lift 125 kg.

    Hubbard lifted heavy objects above his head but was disqualified by the judges

    Getty Images
    Getty ImagesCredit: Getty
  • Women’s weightlifting

    Emily Jade Campbell of the British team won first place after lifting 122 kg in the women’s weightlifting category.

    Campbell succeeded in her third endeavor

  • Hubbard next

    Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard (Laurel Hubbard) will participate in the Olympics as an open transgender athlete today, thus making history in the Olympics.

    Hubbard is ready to take the stage and start participating in the women’s 120kg competition…

    The New Zealand star failed to lift the weight in her first effort!

  • Talk in the city

    Here is what the GB Equestrian team hero must say with Laura Collett and Tom McEwen to win the triathlon gold medal for the GB team. The individual events are still ongoing:

    “We have another round to jump.

    “so [we’ll] Focus on this, but there will be a grand celebration, I don’t think it will be a cup of tea and a biscuit. “

    Oliver Towne

  • Young star

    The Olympic Games of Jessica Gadirova (left) and Jennifer Gadirova are over and they return home as the Olympic bronze medalists in the all-around rhythmic gymnastics team event.

    This is not their performance in individual events, but the sixth and seventh places respectively represent their good endings for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    Don’t forget that they are only 16 years old. When the 2024 Paris Olympics arrives three years later, the twins are still just teenagers!

  • The final 200M semi-finals

    Côte d’Ivoire’s Marie Jositalu won the third semi-final in 22.12 seconds.

    Shaunae Miller-Uibo of the Bahamas ranked second, and Mujinga Kambundji of Switzerland ranked third.

    Her time of 22.26 seconds is enough for her to enter the final as the fastest loser.

  • Simple things Elaine

    Jamaican 100m gold medalist Elaine Thompson-Herah easily won first place in her 200m semi-final.

    She qualified for the final before Christine Mboma in Namibia.

    Gabrielle Thomas of the United States is in third place, but this should be enough to be the fastest loser.

    Beth Dobbin (Beth Dobbin) ranked fifth, but after 22.85 timing, this is not enough to advance to the final.

    This is a good run, but unfortunately it is not enough for Dobbin.

  • Beth is here

    It’s time for Beth Dobbin’s 200m semi-finals.

    Can she make it to the final?

    If she did, it would be a brilliant achievement.

    100m gold medalist Elain Thompson-Herah also participated in the competition.

  • Back to the track

    Shelley Ann Fraser Price of Jamaica and Beatrice Massillinge of Namibia made a safe advancement in their 200m women’s semifinals.

    After winning the silver medal in the 100m final two days ago, Fraser-Pryce’s goal was to win another medal.

  • Brilliant Ballista

    Oliver Townend jumped over the fence in the Ballaghmor Class in the final of the team jumping stage of the equestrian competition.

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