The restaurant is ready to conduct a compliance inspection of the external structure

San Diego-When compliance checks began on Monday, San Diego companies were preparing their al fresco dining structures to comply with the city’s fire and safety regulations.

List of Fire and safety regulations It will need to be followed in order for the restaurant to maintain its outdoor dining structure.

As San Diego County has gone through a layered system for months, outdoor dining structures have become part of the new normal.

Sara Arjmand, director of marketing at San Diego Dining Group, said several restaurants have invested thousands of dollars in their external structures.

“We spent at least 25 to 30 (thousands) on each,” Arjmand said.

Arjmand said the safety regulations were not outlined from the beginning.

“There is no guidance on what you can build or not build,” she said. “Losing money so soon-coming in winter-it will be bad for the restaurant.”

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said the city is committed to helping companies retain outdoor operations while working with them to make it safer in the long run

“We strongly encourage companies to use this time to determine how to make their outdoor dining structures comply with the necessary fire and safety regulations,” Gloria said.

Arjmand said that with the spread of delta variants, more and more customers choose to eat out. However, with the city’s new regulations, businesses will now be subject to more restrictions.

“Someone needs to walk down the street and observe according to the points they give, no one can follow,” Arjmand said. “Then why don’t we deal with these points and let us make it more convenient and more forgiving to business owners.”

The city’s outdoor dining time has been extended to July next year.

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