Report: Carson Wentz avoids foot surgery; what does this mean for the Hawks?

In case you missed it, two days after the Indianapolis Colts training camp, former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has been put on hold due to a foot injury.

Several media outlets reported on Sunday night that Wentz intends to choose “rest and recovery” rather than foot surgery.

Although we don’t know exactly what Wentz’s injury is, it’s not Wentz’s doctor, but Dr. David Chao, who tried (usually accurately) to analyze the injury from a distance, pieced together various injury reports, unofficially diagnosed Wentz, and gave Out of his opinion on Wentz, if he undergoes surgery on his foot, he may return to the timetable.

If you skip the video, if he wants to undergo surgery immediately, Chao will again set an ultra-low standard for Wentz’s return in week 6. If accurate, it would mean Wentz will miss the remaining training camps and preseason games, plus five regular season games (nonsense). 5 games missed, divided by the total of 17 games = 29.4% of games missed.

As a reminder, the Eagles need Wentz to play at least 75% of the Colts offensive fast break (or 70% of their fast break, plus the Colts enter the playoffs) in order for the Eagles to plan to get the first place from Indianapolis. Second round pick. Become a first-round pick. If Wentz missed the first five games of the season, you could almost say goodbye to the first round of the draft.

In other words, Wentz skipping surgery is a good thing for the Hawks. This is not so good for Colts fans, because if he avoids surgery, Wentz will become a statue in his pocket.

For (a) players who instinctively wish to extend the playing time with their feet, it is usually wrong, and (b) even if they are healthy, they have mechanical problems due to unstable footwork. Such injuries will cause more damage The destruction is more so for a quarterback like Wentz than it is for Philip Rivers, who is a quick-decision pocket quarterback. He played a similar injury for the Colts a season ago.

If you are an extreme optimist for Eagles fans, you might start to put the following formula in your mind:

  1. Wentz played in injury and started the first week.
  2. He was terrible, so the Colts were the same, but he continued to play.
  3. He reached the percentage threshold of playing time, and The Colts have a poor record, so the Hawks won a high first-round pick. ?

Unfortunately, for these people, the more likely result is that Wentz is just postponing the inevitable, he is wasting precious time, hoping that his feet will magically get better, rather than choosing a long-term repair immediately.

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