Real-time NBA free agent rumors: What’s the latest news about the 76ers’ offseason plan?

The NBA draft is in the rear view. There will be no progress on the rumors of Ben Simmons. The Sixers can make big moves any day. The NBA offseason has just begun.

This is because so far this summer, most of the conversation has revolved around trading, false trading, trading rumors, and so on. But free agents are about to join in, turning the NBA’s rumored season knob to 11 years old. The Sixers need to make some decisions, including which free agents they want to bring back, and which players they want to bring back to grab the open market.

We’ve already seen the 76ers’ free agents, such as Danny Green, Dwight Howard, Fulcan Korkmaz and other, And argued whether Daryl Morey and his company’s attempt to re-sign everyone was the right move. Even re-signing your own free agent is rarely the biggest conspiracy-tHats are usually reserved for players your team is considering bringing in to try to improve the roster-this offseason may have someone with Green, who was a bit hot earlier this summer because of his comments to fans.

Jack Fischer as a bleaching report Written on Monday In a story about Kyle Lowry may be a veteran forward in Miami”As we all know, he is interested in playing for the Heat. “Given that Green has early bird rights, the 76ers can still provide more compensation, but this is not guaranteed to be enough to attract him back to Philadelphia.

As for the players that the 76ers may want to add, their hands will be greatly restricted in the free agent market due to their salary cap situation. Due to exceptions and other reasons, it is difficult to give an accurate figure about the 76ers must spend. Unlike football, this may change depending on the players they care about and how their salary situation changes, depending on internal changes. But it suffices to show that the biggest change in the 76ers roster may come from trades, especially if the team re-signs Green.

Still, there will be action, and as the NBA’s legal tampering period starts at 6pm on Monday night, you may see a lot of rumors about the 76ers, even if they can’t afford a lot of players. When you have a traditionally aggressive executive leading your front desk, this is life.

In this case, we decided to publish a daily rumor thread that will last for a week until the deal can be officially signed at noon on Friday-if there are still many free agents on the open market that will be suitable for the 76ers. Lock it here to get all the latest news and rumors, we will add anything that directly involves the 76ers in this article…

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